There once lived a thief named Rupert. He had one talent- it was not a good one though, as the talent was stealing. He had escaped a thousand times, and had broken in people’s houses ever since he was five years old. One day, a new man named Mr Johnny had moved to his neighbourhood. Soon Rupert came to know that Mr Johnny was very rich and worked for the king. So Rupert planned to rob that man’s house that very night. As soon as he came in the house, a big surprise awaited him. It wasn’t a good one either. As soon as he came, who should be waiting for him but Mr Johnny himself!


Mr Johnny had heard of Rupert before and knew that Rupert would come and steal his house. So he thought he might be able to catch him. And he did!

‘Now to drag you to the police!’-said Mr Johnny. With great difficulty he took Rupert to the police. The police were glad. They made preparations to hang Rupert. Rupert felt extremely nervous. It was the first time he was caught. Blow that Mr Joggy or whatever his name was. Everything was going smoothly before that stupid man came up. But Rupert calmed himself down. ‘Everything will be alright.’ He thought. When the police were going to hang him, they said what his last wish was, and that they would grant it.

‘Do you God promise that you would grant it?’

‘We would, and we never break our promises.’

‘Alright, then my last wish is to make myself free!’

So the police had no choice but let Rupert go! Rupert is a clever man isn’t he? You never know what he is up to!



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