A Pretty Rose

A Pretty Rose

A pretty bud it is first
With an urge to be a flower
As it prepares to burst
It gathers all it’s power
Then it blooms into beauty
A pretty rose it is now
And tends to do its duty
So it makes a vow
It would be a good pretty rose
And give a sweet scent
Which would distract one from his woes
On which to worry over he was meant
It would spread love and peace
And give a good, strong doze
To man, to free him from malice
It would be a good, pretty rose.


6 thoughts on “A Pretty Rose

  1. it is the story of our birth , life everything abt our life i guess! Thanx writer for this beautiful creation of urs!

    • Welcome, auntie. Yes, it should be our goal in life to spread happiness to the world, whether they be human or animal. This meaningful flower, rose, is a lovely representation of how it brings pleasure to all and lives to make the world a better place.

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