Mr Popo To The Gym

Mr Popo To The Gym

Little Mr Popo, he was home to tea,
He told his little wife, (Mrs Pipi) ‘come to me’
What happened, asked dear Pipi, wide her eyes were
For Mr Popo’s eyes were red, the husband who belonged to her.
Fat have I become, Pipi, so I have developed a whim
I shall start going to the huge nearby gym.
Pipi, rather happy, on Popo’s back gave a pat,
And said- That is good, oh Popo, very good is that.
Yes, I know, little wife but wouldn’t it be hard?
Don’t you worry Popo dear, the God shall keep you guard.
And so the next day, Popo went to the shop
Shopkeeper, do you know anything to help me to hop?
Yes, said Mr Shopkeeper, I have a trampoline
Alright, Popo replied, I suppose that shall be fine.
But oh, what work it was to carry it to the car,
For, my dear friends, it stretched out quite far.
He heaved it up with all his soul
And finally he achieved his goal.
Then, he went to find a stopwatch to see how fast he could run
But alas, he could not find at all even a single one.
He ran here, he ran there
He ran basically everywhere
Down his face went beads of sweat
As finally a stopwatch he had met.
All he needed now, friends, was a hanky to mop his head
Again he went to the market to buy one as I said.
The shopkeeper liked the ones which were white, or maybe blue
But not even one did Popo like too.
He rummaged through the shelf,
With difficulty- he was straining himself
And found one at last which met his need
So tired, he went home to give himself a feed.
Home he came to his little wife, she,
Surprised to see the expression of Mrs Pipi.
Oh, good, Popo! You went to the gym!
For you are sweating and look rather slim and trim.
Mr Popo, too surprised to speak,
He began to blabber, like a bird with an over-large beak.
Ignored, however, Mrs Pipi had come,
Carrying a muffin and a little bun.
Very good, Popo, you seemed to have done hard work
So here is a little treat for you to enjoy with a burp.
Mr Popo, overjoyed, gobbled it fast,
And thought about the day that he had passed.
He had rummaged and ran,
Carried weight in a short time span
So he did work without a fall
So he did deserve his treat after all!!


12 thoughts on “Mr Popo To The Gym

  1. Ha! So funny and…LONG. Thank you a million times for introducing Mr Popo back. I missed him! Will you be posting poems on Mrs Pipi too? Anyways, the idea was pretty cool. My God, I was quite surprised that fat little Popo wanted to ‘gym out’. The drawing is exactly how I pictured him. What does it say in the speech bubble?

  2. Cute drawing. I am also going to make one of ‘ Old Mrs. Carstairs ‘. And I am not copying! I thought of it before I read ‘ Mr. Popo To The Gym ‘.

  3. Samriddhi- Alright. And yes, nice gym, isn’t it? 😉

    Miranda- Yes, it is quite long. Thanks for the wonderful compliments! As for Mrs Pipi, I shant write poems about her, but I might mention her in the Popo poems. Thanks again!

    The bubble says:
    “I am happy today,which is unusual, I am kind of grumpy most of the time.”

    • Thanks, Lynn. I hope Mr Popo always meets your desire to keep you happy! Do watch out for his next ‘adventure’. He may come up with an even funnier incident! 😆

    • Hee hee, yes! But it is worth it after all, isn’t it? And triple advantage- new material for gym, getting slimmer, and a lovely feast as a reward at home! 😛

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