Summer Has Taken Leave….

Summer Has Taken Leave....

The beautiful, hot, and sunny summer has been replaced by a truly beautiful monsoon in India. Even though the summers here are too hot for some people’s liking, they have their own kind of charm. I got inspired by re-reading Charlotte’s Web, an old classic, to write about the summer taking leave.

The summer has taken leave
The sad truth we have to heave
Watching the birds snuggle and nest
Not a minute to take rest
The flower dancing in joy and class
Bugs and beetles peeking through grass
There’s happiness everywhere
AND SUDDENLY- it isn’t there
The summer has taken leave
The sad truth we have to heave
Chirrup, chirrup, chirrup, we crickets sing.
It has left the maples red
The sunshine-eaters quite unfed
Gloom has settled in every nook
Our summer happiness summer has took
We begged her to return for a prize
The cheeky reply- wait for me to arise
She’ll not come, perhaps, now
But summer wished in this way, that’s how
The summer has taken leave
The sad truth we have to heave
Chirrup, chirrup, chirrup we crickets sing
We crickets sing…….


9 thoughts on “Summer Has Taken Leave….

    • I too, love the change from season to season. I live in India, where summer and monsoon behave at its very best- summer always hot and scorching, and monsoon showering us with it’s cool rain almost everyday. Where do you live? I read some of your poems, and I like them.

    • Honestly, Samriddhi. The answer is in your comment itself. You said that every season has it’s own beauty. So, the poem is about the charm of the summer leaving, and how we miss it, just like we miss our rain of monsoon, the wind of winter, and the warmth of autumn. The reason I showed it as though the crickets are singing it because not only humans, but the smallest creatures on Earth also are aware of the beauty of our universe. πŸ™‚

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