Rain Pic

Was dry and hot just yesterday
And has been so for a week
After months of scorching play
The sound of rain we seek.
We crane our ears to hear
The Scotch mist from the sky
Hoping that it’s ever near
We request to the Heavens high.
It’s there- it’s coming-
And now it’s pouring down!
Like fast feet it’s running
‘It is the rain and the rain’s sound.
It rushes to Earth requesting thus:
“Oh earthworm and dear frog
Dance and croak your inner beauty
In the ripe grass and the bog”.
Of course comes the remark sure
To the green and flowered trees
Enjoy the nature’s mesmerizing lure
Stand calm as the clouds release.
As the water blocks the lawn
The small child comes with joy
Splashing the little paper boat
Taking sail goes the toy.
We stare through the window
As the rain patterns itself
Forming stories of happy and sad
Into time we delve.
It splashes against leaves, glass
And wooden trunk firmly stood.
Forming stunning rhythm
Better than the finest piano could.
The hundred to a single drop
On each blade of grass like dew
Shining like the sweetest diamond
To glimmer at day and night too.
All creatures wide and far
Await the water beauty: rain
To listen to the stormy drizzle-
The sound of it again and again.


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