Bad Handwriting

Bad Handwriting

Does my handwriting suck?
I certainly hope not.
But maybe if it does
I really think I ought
To not to write dumb rhymes
Which don’t make sense, none
The writing cant be understood
Knowing that is NOT fun.
My friends say my handwriting
Should to the government be reported
But it really seems so horrible
No vehicle will transport it.
Does my handwriting suck?
Well, I don’t know why I ask.
Me myself reading it
Is such a difficult task.
I once called up a genius
To guess what I had written
But I got smacked because he said
His head was now blank and smitten.
I know that I should feel ashamed
But I honestly feel a touch of pride.
Not the smartest can read it
No matter how much they tried.
So maybe I’ll put my silly drone
Where you wish: away
But that really has 0 point
Cuz the handwriting sucks anyway.
Now I shall tell the real truth
That none of this is true.
My handwriting is amazing in reality
I just wrote this to entertain you.


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