Battling War

Battling War

Do you know what’s worth fighting for?
Do you know how you’ll feel?
You’ll need a heart of courage
And nerves like that of steel.
When war fights against you
And blood pound through your veins
The sword-slashes on the face
Will be the battle’s cruel stains.
When you face betrayal, sadness, envy
and jealousy’s cruel pangs
The immensely hurting truth
Sinks into you like fangs.
You duck when the knives
of hate are aimed towards your heart
You dare to take the frozen tears,
And using them you start.
This is the way the cruelty
of life pounces upon you
But it, you know, you must face
You’ll be one of the warriors few.


10 thoughts on “Battling War

  1. The choice of words were very appropriate to make you feel like an warrior. We believe in peace but when comes days of gloom and terror , we have to bring the warrior in us to fight the evil out – and need that courgage , conviction and character – so inspiring !!

    • Thank you Papa- but do you know the other way of sparking inspiration and imagination to the people we care for? By encouraging them in their hobbies and letting them feel your warmth. You are a pure example of this inspiration! Lots of Love!

  2. Aniket says:

    Hello I am Aniket. Your father came to my house and showed me a couple of poems that you wrote including the one you wrote for my sister. I really liked them for they are funny and creative.

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