Just A Minute

Just A Minute

In DPS, the school I go to, their is an annual session held called ‘Just A Minute’, short for JAM. A specific student from their entire grade is chosen and at the great day they are given a topic and have to speak on it for a complete minute. No more, no less, on the spot. This year and also the year before I was selected, and I’d like to tell you how I felt in the form of a poem…:

Slouching in the backstage,
Knees knocking in fright
A couple seconds later
I’d go into the glaring light.
Me. Alone. The audience.
That’s it. I’d have to speak.
My head focused on the topic
My brain bright, body bleak.
I wouldn’t see the on-lookers
In the dark Audi where they sit
But the spotlight right upon me
They’ll see me. This is it!
TAPASMI! Calls the narrator.
Oop! It’s my turn!
My hair is flying past me
My insides begin to churn.
My topic to me is given.
I see it on my chit.
Suddenly I’m elated
My eyes are bright and lit.
Ideas pile inside me.
I begin to say all.
This is easy and quite awesome
In light-headedness I might fall.
So much I want to share
So much I want to tell
I converse with audience
Before rings the bell.
Chat-chat, tell-tell,
I overload with speech
Till the very last happy moment
I hang on like a leech.
And, oh, the victory!
First prize I have won!
My friends begin to hug me
And upon me shines the Sun.


16 thoughts on “Just A Minute

  1. Goodness, this is a very amazing poem. I can feel you throughout it. This may sound like and overstatement, but I’ll say it anyway: you shine an inspring light in my eyes and I am very awed by your beautiful poems. Keep up the inspirational work.

    • Thank you so much, Two. You have encouraged me greatly to keep writing and improving. I’ll remember your words and think of them every time a write. Thank you, once again!

  2. Tapasmi, I came across your blog on Facebook when one of my connections (Anirban) mentioned your writing and am so glad I decided to check out your blogs. Your poems are beautiful…I loved reading them and please keep them coming. I have a daughter who is just over a year old , I hope she gets to write such beautiful stuff when she grows up.. you must be making your parents very proud. Wishing you all the very best !

    • Thank you so much! Your inspiring comment has encouraged me to keep on following my dream of being a writer. I have been writing since I was six years old and started keeping a blog from last year. I love doing it. I will always remember your words of encouragement. Thank you once again.

      • Hi Tapasmi ,beta its beautiful ! I am really proud that such a talented girl is in my class. keep it up….. you have a long way to go………….lots of love to you.

      • Hello Deepti Maam!
        I am delighted that you visited my blog. Thank you so much for your kind reply. I will keep on writing, remembering your lovely words of encouragement.

  3. even i had a dance program once and i was nervous but then i got over it and did really good! you really have some nice comments! when you grow and become a writer make sure you dedicate it me! ha ha! just kidding! 🙂 🙂

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