I Saw

When upon my bed I lay
And closed my eyes and thought
How blissful nature is to me
I dreamed but I slept not.
With my ears I heard a melody
Which was unsophisticated but oh!
‘Twas the best I had ever heard
At once did I know.
I looked out the window
And saw a little bird
I saw and kept on seeing
Without saying a word.
Through her black beak
She just sang to me
Her black eyes set shining
As she sat on the tree.
I knew not her name
But she snatched me-
With the beauty of her heart
She gladdened me slowly.
She had hair on her head
And eyes so kind and caring
A shimmer around her
And a heart which she was with me sharing.
And everyday I see her
Her song brings happiness
How lovely and kind she is
Is truthful to confess.


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