You are You

Published April 6, 2014 by tapasmi

You are You

In the entire extensive world
I guarantee you’ll never find
An object, or a soul at that
With your exact same mind.
You can look in all directions
You’ve ever learnt in school
But you’ll never find a duplicate
Of you, warm or cool.
“Why?” you ask. “How?” you’ll say
And I’d happily reply to you
“Cause you’re unique, my dear friend
I thought you already knew!”
You may look like your Papa.
You might be just as strong.
But you may be just shyer
I bet them I’m not wrong.
A hundred differences there are
Not just with Papa but with Mum.
You might be just as tall
But there are differences some.
Your personalities may seem similar
With your sweet sis and big bro
But trust me on this- honey,
There are more changes than you know.
Your friends and yes your enemies!
You too are quite alike!
But some tiny variations like
Between a scooter and a bike.
Listen: I’m telling you:
You really are simply unique
You’ll never find someone just like you
No matter how hard you seek.
The thousand billions of creatures
That live upon this earth
You’re completely different from them
You are in your own berth.


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