Reading Books

Reading Books

Hello friends!
Today’s poem is a little cheesy. Yep, I admit it! It doesn’t have much of a deep meaning. Not too much to read between the lines. I wrote this one for an assembly at class, and our topic was ‘Reading Books.’ So it is a little more of a “Read it and liked it” kind of poem more than the usual “Read it and still thinking about it.” My classmates kind of loved it though!
It isn’t too bad though. Here hoes….

When you want lasting joy
You don’t need a children’s toy
The thing for which you need to look
Is just a simple story book
And when you start, Oh My, Oh My,
Books shall definitely satisfy!
Dissolving into world of dreams
As you read your smile beams
Books on shelves line by line
All of them are simply divine!
In castles kings and queens do dwell
Pirates hunt for treasure as well
Weird splotches of fuzzy blue light
Stars gleaming in the deep blue night.
JK Rowling’s wizardry
Roald Dahl’s fascinating fantasy
Famous cookbooks for the kitchens
Grasping stories by Mr Dickens
Blyton tales better than one could
Geronimo Stiltion as good as good!
In Jane Austen’s tales we are lost
Enrapturing verses by Robert Frost.
Reading ignites inside us a fire
Books fill our hearts desire.


8 thoughts on “Reading Books

  1. πŸ˜€ Thanks! Actually it has become a couple of months now that I have become ten. The thing is, that I have been writing since I was six and blogging from age nine, so all my posts are a mixture of my writing from my entire life, practically. :mrgreen:

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