Banana, as we all know, is a fruit with yellow peel and white inner, which some people find tasty and others not. Today, I tell you the story of how some of this lovely fruit came to use…
There was a poor but nice family who lived under the rule of King Ode, who was very nice. He often when to random houses in his country to see how they got on. One day, that poor family heard a rumour that the king was coming to their home! Now, the situation was bad. There was only one thing that the poor family had which was fit for a guest to eat- and that was their bananas! However, that did not help the situation as what kind of sense would it make to serve a banana to the king?
The mother, Mrs Lal, cried to her son, “beta, please go and check if there are any bananas which are nice in the kitchen? Do be quick!” so off rushed her son.
He came back. “Ma, we don’t have anything except bananas. Surely we cannot feed a banana to the raja?”
“No, we can’t, beta.” She said, worried.
The father, Mr Lal, had a suggestion. “Let me experiment, please. I will try and make something with the banana,” he said. The others agreed, ready to try anything at the moment. After all, who could blame them? The raja was coming!
They heard a whole lot of sizzling and frying in the kitchen. Mr Lal smashed the bananas to pulp, added some flour and sugar to it and mixed it up. Once the batter hardened, he made little balls out of it and cooked them.
Mr Lal just put the things on a plate and covered it, but before the rest of the family could see, the great, the majestic, the royal, raja Ode arrived!
He was welcomed inside the small house. He was very kind and talked to the family more or less like equals. Finally, Mr Lal said to the raja “Raja, please accept the family special: Bangali Kola Boda! The cover was taken off, to reveal some strange looking food:
It was brown and small, like a mini pakoda. They let the king eat, hopeful looks on their faces. The kind looked at it. “Is this some sort of new dish? I have never seen it before!” The family nervously nodded. And slowly watched the king put it into his mouth and… WOW! These were the king’s words. He loved them! The Lals nearly cried with relief. They ate it themselves, and were marvelled at the lovely taste!
And ever since then, it is a Bengali tradition to make them. And now we know the wonderful story of the even more wonderful food:

KOLA BODA! :mrgreen:
Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this story of the Kola Bodas. I wrote it last year and wanted to share it with you guys. 😀



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