The Quilled Ones

Hey friends! I was in a crafty mood again today, and so I tried out 3D quilling! For those of you who don’t know, quilling is the art of wrapping strips of paper in coils to form an image or a figure. Here is my first (and poor) shot at quilling:
jhil quil

I wrote a poem on them too! Check it out…

Made of coloured paper
Twirled round and round,
Once shaped together,
With glue we are bound.

Different strips of many hues
Modeled into one,
Making us, the Quilled,
Is really a lot of fun.

Taking some sheets and
Trimming them down
Sticking them together
For making a gown.

Take the little needle
And insert the point
Make swirl and swirl
Then tape up the joint.

Take your little finger
And push the middle high
Shaping it into a dome
Is easy to try.

Make our faces
And make our clothes
Make sure they are perfect
Then stick ‘em close.

We thank you, o human
For making us
For being our Creator
Without fear or fuss.

I even made a video of them singing it. And before you comment on how hideous my voice sounds, I’ll let you know that I DID NOT use my real voice, for I wanted it to suit the quilled models!! 😀 Hope you like it:


8 thoughts on “The Quilled Ones

  1. Give just a tiny pinch of yr tallant to me Tapasmi! And excuse me, you hv a lovely voice. Low-pitched, deep and lovely. For Heveans Sake stop denying! Say hi from me to Dora and to call me as Dora not Tapasmi!

    • If you say anything more about my so called lovely voice, I won’t give you a tiny pinch of my talent. I will give you a real, hard one! 😈 kidding. But the thing is that I did not use my real voice in the video at all, I just made a funny fake one to make it sound a bit like the puppets were singing it. Did you see it?

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