Boredom Busters

Boredom is so terrible

I feel as lifeless as dust

It feels like my poor brains

Are about to fall and rust.


But this poem is not about

Me complaining of this

But how to make it go away

And transfer it into bliss.


Number one: Take a book

And read it, trust me,

True happiness you

Shall surely see.


Number two: Take some paper

And let yourself go wild

Cut it! Snip it! Paste it!

Play with it like a child.


And next comes writing

Be it a poem or a story

Bengali, German or English

You shall find glory.


Clean up your room

With the terrible mess

For some reason cleaning

Helps me de-stress.


You can dance and swirl

Or maybe go upside down

Turn over a somersault

And twirl in your gown.


You’ll like to polish

Your sporty skills

So why not go out

And play in the hills?


But if you’re not allowed

Don’t, my friend, weep

Perhaps the best thing to do now

Is to lie down and sleep.


Hey! Hope you enjoyed my little nonsensical poem about keeping boredom at bay. 🙂 See you!


6 thoughts on “Boredom Busters

  1. What a way to turn boredom into creativity. You can do so many things just because you are bored – it is blessing in disguise.
    Super !!

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