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Dear Mirror, I feel to ask you-

Are you my enemy or my friend?

Wait, you must be confused,

I’ll tell you what I meant.


At times when I wake up

From dreams fun and simple

My happiness in shattered

When you show me a PIMPLE!


Or when I come back from play

I check my reflection on you

Only to find a disgusting bruise

Across my face, quite blue!


And the times to go to parties

I stand near to decorate

I find a sore oozing of pus

Disgusting, yellow and great.


Or when I come back from school

And I spot my hair sticking out

I remember my classmates laughing

“Oh how embarrassing!” I pout.


But you know, sometimes

The situation is opposite

You show me looking at you,

Seeming rather nice and fit!


My nose looks nice and sharp

And I give a healthy glow

My hair seems thick and pretty

My eyes, they twinkle so!


Or when my dimple goes in

And my smile seems sweet and kind

I do feel nice and happy

All worries set behind!


I don’t understand you, oh mirror

You’re my nightmare and my dream!

Sometimes I marvel atΒ  my beauty

And others I wish to scream.



7 thoughts on “Mirror!

  1. ‘To be’ is to be perceived – contemplation on mirror – great Tapasmi. I try to feel good and positive looking at mirror and adjust to my shortcomings with acceptance.

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