wind jheel blog wordpress poem When it’s evening, night or day

I can see some of the branches sway

From side to side like a swing

The bird with the lightest wing.

Gentle, gentle comes the wind!

Some time when the clouds do weep

When lightning bolts flash to peep

The wind roars so strong and fierce

Whilst the clouds release the tears.

Harsh, harsh comes the wind!

On days so chirpy and so bright

The world a beacon of shining light

Flowing through the green blowing trees

The wind through the corner flees.

Calm, calm comes the wind!

When the rain drizzles- drop drop drop

I wish the peaceful wind wont stop

Running breeze through my hair

The sky a clear and windy lair.

Pretty, pretty comes the wind!

Sometimes when the summer scorches

The sun blazes like fifty torches

Just heat, heat and no breeze

The burning Earth doesn’t cease.

Oh no- Here goes the wind…..

. Hope you liked this, 🙂 BEAUTIFUL WIND


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