Crackling Fire


Crackling, warming red fire
Filling our hearts desire
Warming through the frozen bones
Toasting through the rickety stones.

Sitting on a rocking chair
In your cozy homey lair
Gently, snoozing of in ease
The calming warmth stops the freeze.

The cat happily stretching beside
The fireplace as to decide
To that day just curl and purr
As you stroke through its fur.

In the frost and in the snow
The fire warmth does bestow
Forget about the thick coats
The smoky fragrance softly floats.

Ah the pleasure of fire never ends
Until the logs burn, descends
The fire finishes into ash
Again, the town’s a frosty stash.

But worry not, my friend, dear
Of freezing you needn’t fear
Matchsticks, twigs- fire’s ready
Magic rekindles, burning steady.


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