Cheeky Little Sun


When I wake up every morning,

Which isn’t too great, I do say,

A glaring thing shines over me

Breaking my slumber with many a ray.

Its called the sun, that’s all I know,

But what a cheeky fellow it is!

Rather than minding its own business

It shines an INFURIATING fizz!

It’s most trying, if I do say so myself,

Most exasperating is the sun,

It peeks so cheeky over mountain tops

But I cant catch it, away it run.

It’s terrible when I switch on telly,

When I flip to my favourite TV show,

It shines so bright I can’t see a thing,

Because of its INFURIATING GLOW!

How I long to catch that naughty sun,

I’ve never met such a cheeeeeky fellow,

Peeping and prying until night breaks

Just grinning, huge and yellow.

I’ll lock it up for sure some day,

And taunt it the way it does to me,

The great toad of a sun, annoys everyone

I’ll wake it up quite INFURIATINGLY!


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