It’s that spark than lives within us,
It’s that little ray of light,
It’s that source if inspiration
And that flower of our delight!

“But how to find it, friend”
I am sure that is what you’d say,
Well, I will answer it right now:
Just look a little way:

When you look between the branches,
You’ll see a bird family twittering with love,
Or just look up towards the sky
And note the calm clouds floating above.

But the nearest place to find it:
It resides within ourselves, you know!
Close your eyes and search your heart
And feel that joyful, happy glow.

Activate it when you’re pure of heart,
But it’ll sleep off if you’re being mean
So to find that lovely spark,
Just keep your mind clean!

So that’s how you find joy,
And please value this advice,
So whenever you’re down,
You needn’t frown, just be nice!
Hi guys here’s a quick little poem (don’t mind that it’s a tad bit too simple please, It was a ten minute job, but I still worked!) I was supposed to write a poem on the same topic at school but I was called for something else, and I wasn’t given extra time to write it later at school, so I wrote it at home instead! Hope you enjoyed! 😉


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