Today’s a little different,

It’s the first of January

I’m usually flopped over the bed

Quite hesitant to hurry.


But today’s a special day

Eyes alight with golden hope

To succeed and achieve further

And spread joy at every scope.


I whip out my pen and paper

(Or a phone, considering day and age)

Ready to scribble out my resolutions;

Reach a more triumphant stage!


Whether it’s to study harder

Or the classic ‘lose weight’,

Being a tad less touchy,

Being not so late!


Need we make or break a habit,

And begin with a clean slate?

Make ourselves quit cold turkey

Or turn over a new leaf this date?


There’s always a little goal

Which we strive to make shine

(And hey, if they’re same as last year,

Don’t worry, so are mine 😉 )


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