A Birdie On The Rooftop


The cute bird


Hopping closer..



It was a simply evening with

autumn breeze whistling by

I was strolling on the rooftop

When a little bird I did spy.


It was a dainty little thing

Perched atop a hedge

It didn’t shrink away

Rather teetered closer to the edge.


With genial amusement

I looked down at the fledgling

And quite nonchalantly near

my feet hopped the nestling.


How bonny was the chick

Red beaked and chubby

Looking up with inky eyes

Chirping, happy, and tubby.


In the distance came a chirp

Calling the birdie to its nest

With a cheeky glance at me

It flew back home to rest.


9 thoughts on “A Birdie On The Rooftop

    • Hi Miranda!! Its great to see you after such a long time!! 😀 I am the samriddhi fairy person(i die of embarrasment when i see that blog now)

      • 😦 But i remember ya. You’re Garfield mad. And if you look at Tapasmi’s old posts(2013 posts) you’ll remember me 🙂 Search Mr. Popp and Unicorn and Bad Handwriting and Miss. Pussycat etc n u’ll remeber me 🙂

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