My name is Tapasmi Ray Chaudhuri, a girl dwelling in Gurgaon, India. This blog is just a tiny part of myself which I would like to expose to the world. My greatest passion is to write, and I love nature and the simple, pleasant things of life which I try to represent in my poems, of which you will be able to see many in this blog. Through this blog, I want people to see that in everything, even in a simple poem which is just a combination of mere words, we can find love, interest, and joy. Sometimes you may be able to observe your own interest, your own personality or your own opinion in the little posts of mine. They may not be the best, or the most professional, but I hope the warmth and hard work put in them can be felt through the alphabets. As I type each word, I am feeling and imagining the message I wish to convey through it. I hope, that as you scroll through the little morsel of my heart and mind, you feel that little while of joy which is being sent to you from a girl who is only hoping for your pleasure.
My other blog, if you wish to visit is http://www.tapasmiagain.wordpress.com. You can contact me personally by mailing me on tapasmihappy@gmail.com.

PS: If you are having trouble finding out which page has what kind of content, read below.

♥ ABOUT: A little section to introduce you to http://www.tapasmi.wordpress.com.
♥ RULES: A short page consisting of the terms and conditions of the blog.
♥ TALK PAGE/COMMUNICATION PAGE: A new section where others can post thoughts which are not related to the posts in HOME page. Examples include suggestions, thoughts, ideas, etc. This makes it easier than to mix up comments of different topics in one place.



22 thoughts on “▓About▓

  1. your stuff is really meaningful and has the greatest love in each single letter, even in commas and fullstops. I will always write my feedback and you always your stories and poems and stuff!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Samriddhi. I will remember your words of kindness to me and I am absolutely delighted that you can understand the meaning I would like to flaunt particularly in my blog. I thank you yet again for appreciating my posts and their meanings! 🙂 😀 😮

  2. I love every part of your blog! You are an amazingly talented young lady, and you will go far if you are true to yourself. I will enjoy watching your talent develop! Maria

    • Thank you so much for all your kind words! I am really glad that you are liking my blog. I hope it keeps on pleasing you in the many days to come. Your words encourage me greatly. 😀

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