A Dip By The Beach

Barefoot in the warm sand

Letting a toe into the sea

My wary self descends gently

Submerged in water, I am free.

My feet find the soft sand

The cones tickles my chin

I waddle gently across the ocean

Cool waves rippling against my skin.

A tender roar I hear far-off

My eyes meet the sight

Foamy, frothy, curly white waves

Whoosh unto themselves with might.

While lycra sticks to my body

It approaches, backwards it impels

In a matter of seconds, it dissipates

into sand, leaves behind sea shells.

Unwound, surrounded by nature

Relaxed, enveloped in peace

Savouring every timid second

Of the dip I took by the beach.

~inspired by Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand 😀


Plane Rides

The fun before the fun begins,

The prequel to the show

The medium for your destination

The first step for your excitement to grow.

Plane rides! Quite exhilarating

Even for motion sick victims like me

Provided an adult’s managing all the work

(Thanks parents!) it’s all fun and carefree.

Skidding on vast airport lobbies

Getting to board the aircraft at last

Bidding your hometown farewell for a while

Ready to go and have a blast!

Finding your seat and plopping down

Flipping through airport magazines

Collecting and keeping aside vomit bags

While ignoring hostess’ procedural scenes.

At last, with a soft rumble

Picking up speed, by and by

The plane prepares for takeoff

Lo and behold! We’re in the sky!

Inches away from fluffy white clouds

Afloat in the stratosphere; flying

Oh, plane rides- they’re pretty great

Besides the blocked ears and babies crying.

~Tapasmi, inspired by a lovely year-end trip to Thailand 🙂

An Incident Which Taught Me To Never Give Up | Poem

Hi! So I was given an oppurtunity by my school teachers to submit an essay or poem on the topic in the title onto this CBSE website, so here is my submission!! Its a bit unlike my usual writing style but its always healthy to try something new 😉 Here it is!! (Based of a true story)

boomFrenzy and fervour-  spirit of competition flying high

Poetry competition in the school
Shall I win, lose, will it be a tie?

Excited budding poets like me
Waiting eagerly for the time
Hoping to prove our worth,
Wishing to shine!

But alas! A prefect duty cropped up
And I routinely had to rush off
By the time I could return
Contest was over- all was lost.

I went home teary – eyed and sad
I felt like my dreams had just shattered
But dear Mother showed me what truly mattered.

She told me that competitions
Would keep coming and going
But what was within me is what
I should have been showing

What matters in a person
Is never the given contest prize
But what she does to deserve it
And how much for it she tries.

So my spirits lifted and I wrote a poem
Not for a competition but for consolation of mine
Looking back at my memory
Its when my realisation did shine.

At the end of the day
To never give up I learned
It wasnt a prize as a trophy
But as a learning I earned.

Making Diyas

Hi! Today we had a diya-making competition. Diyas are lighted on the day of Indian Festival Deepavali, the Festival Of Lights. Tradition says that the day Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile, everybody lit Diyas, made of earthen material to light up the dark night to celebrate his return. We do various things on this festival and lighting Diyas is a big part. Today at school we had a diya-decorating activity. Here are the pictures of the diya…

The final Diya using red, black, yellow and white paint as well as some types of lentils.

The final Diya using red, black, yellow and white paint as well as some types of lentils.

Overall view!

Overall view!

From top view, red inner and yellow border

From top view, red inner and yellow border

Black outer with white pattern, chholar dal pasted at the bottom

Black outer with white pattern, chholar dal pasted at the bottom

Side view: Mussoor Dal (raw) stuck on yellow edges

Side view: Mussoor Dal (raw) stuck on yellow edges

So, I hope you liked this 🙂 lots of love!

Friends Together Again


Garfield pic

>When my father was in school, he shared a close friendship with some of his schoolmates. Their bond was so strong that they were quite inseparable. Even when they left school and parted ways, their pure, soft flame of friendship never broke. Two months ago, Papa had gone to the U.S for a business trip. When he reached, he met his old friends. He mailed to me….:

Hi Dear,
I met some old friends of mine after many years – Mama can show you the picture. I want you to write a poem for me about meeting old friends and how good you feel – going down the memory lane , maintaining childish thoughts – as if we are meeting after a day and not 20 years .. something about child friendship which does not die but keep the flame on which is pure , soft and not driven by materialistic world …. so on and so forth.
Love, Papa ♥

And so, that moment, I went into Papa’s mind and imagined how it would feel to meet my cherished friends after 20 years. This is what I came up with:


I have grown a beard
My smile is quite old
And yes, I have a family!
My life’s in perfect mould!
I have rules and terms
I follow them well
But have you ever felt
That urge to go and dwell?
To forget my age
And simply transform
Into simple schoolboy
My heart young and warm!
My friend, I have told you.
I am not that young anymore.
From that little point,
I have reached miles galore!
But that doesn’t change
The little, precious fact
The flame from the time we met
Yes, it stays exact.
Even though I’m not young
I’m still that little boy
Who treated life carefree
Like a tiny toy!
I still remember when
Together we linked arms
Played pranks on friends
Made with teacher charms.
Laughed and ran out to play
And see if our gang
Had scored enough goals yet
And get that childish pang!
Fought madly over
The possession of a pencil
Like a squabbling ducky
Or a banging utensil.
Ran with windy speed
To avoid laying shadow
On one another
On this we were mad-oh!
I’ll never forget how
We walked to homes of each other
Hoping for Auntie’s delicious treats
Like sister and brother.
Oh, the times we had
when we were tiny growing seeds
Carrying out funny plans
And naughty boy misdeeds.
My friend, keep listening.
Even though it’s twenty years
The child-y flame’s blazing
Warding of the fears.
Till now, you and me
Are best friends in and out
The truth is in the air.
Not even a point to shout!
If we are in different places
And thousand miles apart
I’m Arindam and you’re my BFF
Young, loving from heart.

Just A Minute


Just A Minute

In DPS, the school I go to, their is an annual session held called ‘Just A Minute’, short for JAM. A specific student from their entire grade is chosen and at the great day they are given a topic and have to speak on it for a complete minute. No more, no less, on the spot. This year and also the year before I was selected, and I’d like to tell you how I felt in the form of a poem…:

Slouching in the backstage,
Knees knocking in fright
A couple seconds later
I’d go into the glaring light.
Me. Alone. The audience.
That’s it. I’d have to speak.
My head focused on the topic
My brain bright, body bleak.
I wouldn’t see the on-lookers
In the dark Audi where they sit
But the spotlight right upon me
They’ll see me. This is it!
TAPASMI! Calls the narrator.
Oop! It’s my turn!
My hair is flying past me
My insides begin to churn.
My topic to me is given.
I see it on my chit.
Suddenly I’m elated
My eyes are bright and lit.
Ideas pile inside me.
I begin to say all.
This is easy and quite awesome
In light-headedness I might fall.
So much I want to share
So much I want to tell
I converse with audience
Before rings the bell.
Chat-chat, tell-tell,
I overload with speech
Till the very last happy moment
I hang on like a leech.
And, oh, the victory!
First prize I have won!
My friends begin to hug me
And upon me shines the Sun.

Riddle Mania

Riddle Mania

“First think of the person who lives in disguise,
Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies
Next, tell me what’s always the last thing to mend,
The middle of middle and end of the end?
And finally give me the sound often heard
During the search of a hard-to-find word.
Now string them together, and answer me this,
What creature would you be unwilling to kiss?”

Ans: Spider!

I march before armies,
A thousand salute me.
My fall can bring victory,
But no one would shoot me.
The wind is my lover,
One-legged am I.
Name me and see me
At home in the sky.

Ans: A Flag

In a house of death you are stuck.
Electricity is out. You run amuck.
To three doors you arrive- the death doors
You shall tread, yes, but on which floors?
One of pirhanas, dangerous and fed,
One of knives which shall have you dead
One of an electrical chair, it shall give you a shock
one you have to go through, and you shall earn the lock
So tell me, adventurer, which do you choose?
Pick the wrong option and you shall lose.
Which shall you take?

Ans: The electric chair, for the electricity is out, as it mentions on the second line.

A town of black painted walls
With black jackets, and black balls
No streetlamp is on
No light on the lawn
But a man sees a woman,possible it is how?
There is no light, so how did he see her now?

Ans: It was daylight.

I lack much reason, but often rhyme,
And require logic to pass the time,
To get the words to tell your kin,
Look for clues that lie within,
Though all are different, they act the same,
The answer is practically in the name.
What am I?

Ans: Riddle

A round shaped house lay on a road
For a pleasant walk the man of the house strode
Comes back to find his house robbed
So to all the people in his house to he throbbed
The new maid said to be cleaning the corner
The young teacher said to be singing Jack Horner
Gardener said Just mowing the lawn
Who was culprit in charge of the situation now on?

Ans: The maid. It is a round shaped house and not possible to have any corner.

Icky, Slimey & Disgusting!

Oh My Good Lord!

Today something UTTERLY gross happened. I was just checking my blog’s notification, when I heard a little shriek from the living room.
I ran to the room, as fast as my legs could carry. And you will not believe what I saw. My sight laid upon a horrible, strange slimy creature, thin as a stick and long as a pencil. It had the most horrendous, pukey green colour, and two beady, mean and black eyes peering up at us threateningly. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but it WAS scary. Sure, not so big, but so horrible. And what scared us even more was that we had been experiencing a horrible insect problem over at our home, and we had called over the pest control just yesterday. What on the wide, huge world was a tiny snakey creature doing at MY home? I really didn’t know whether I felt scared stiff or absolutely fascinated. I ran to get my mom’s Iphone to get a picture, but by the time I got back it was thrust into a bit of old newspaper and thrown thankfully into the trashbin.
So much for scary incidents!


🙂 😀 😆 😮 😯 😎 😡 😛 😐 😉 😳 😥 👿 😈 🙄 ❗ ❓ 💡 ➡ :mrgreen:
Happiness is a beautiful and meaningful part of our life. Yes, it is true that sadness is cumpolsary in our lives. But being happy brings true joy.
We experience momentary happiness time and time again in our lives, some people everyday. But this is not something which calms our heart truly. If you listen intently to a chirping bird, you will find beauty in a mere sparrow, it’s cheery and friendly character. If you read a story with all your heart you can understand the deepest meaning and feel amazing all over yourself. But we usually take these for granted, and nature’s lovely qualities are not given it the true credit for being the most beautiful source of happiness on Earth. So that is why I say:


Save The Tiger

Tigers are getting endangered. They are illegaly being killed for their bones, teeth and skin. Lets see some facts that we should know..

1. A hundred years ago more than 100,000 tigers were present on Earth. Today, there is as few as 3,200.

2. The tigers are an important part of the food chain.

3. Tigers are amazing creatures, and their secrets are hidden deep within. With the help of tigers, we may not know it but it affects the weather, the balance in nature in uncountable ways.

We may not be able to save the tigers, but we can still show our care towards them. Make a placard, write a slogan about Save The Tiger. Do research on tigers and realise how important they are to us. Make a group with your friends and discuss the topic. Make new ideas on how to spread the word. Talk to your teacher about the matter and see what can be done. Maybe, with your help, if you can support the idea of Save The Tiger, many people will follow your advice and do their best to save the tiger. Avoid products made of tiger skin, bones, teeth, etc. Keep your hand on your heart, close your eyes and say:
Save The Tiger