Today’s a little different,

It’s the first of January

I’m usually flopped over the bed

Quite hesitant to hurry.


But today’s a special day

Eyes alight with golden hope

To succeed and achieve further

And spread joy at every scope.


I whip out my pen and paper

(Or a phone, considering day and age)

Ready to scribble out my resolutions;

Reach a more triumphant stage!


Whether it’s to study harder

Or the classic ‘lose weight’,

Being a tad less touchy,

Being not so late!


Need we make or break a habit,

And begin with a clean slate?

Make ourselves quit cold turkey

Or turn over a new leaf this date?


There’s always a little goal

Which we strive to make shine

(And hey, if they’re same as last year,

Don’t worry, so are mine 😉 )

The End Of An Year


1o minutes for the clock to strike 12

All gathered around in glee

A celebration on New Year’s Eve

Bubbling joy in the family.


It’s all good humour: parties and so

But that moment: when all are solemn:

Past accomplishments, even hardships

We pause to remember them.


365 days, that’s 8760 hours!

We end up maturer at heart,

Festivals and birthdays whoosed by

They’re cherished as from 2015 we part.


While we recall memories

Tick! The clock begins a new year!

Yet another, of hope and beginnings

2016 has begun: It’s officially here!

Winter Flowers


While the icy wind bites my skin

And the green leaves fade grey

Amongst the lifeless branches

A pop of hues does sway.


It strikes up from  the earthen pot

Where lay the trees’ shed leaves

A strong burst of joy does dwell

A lovely sight making time freeze.


Red, yellow, and pink dahlias

Intricacy, vibrance, and hue

Smashing paast mundane chill

A blessing bright and new.


Every petal the shape of morning dew

Filled in with rainbowy pigment

Flared out like rays of the sun

Held by the emeral ligament.


Oh the divine creation: a flower

Rising up in the season of snow

A stunning  bud striking dull gales

Oh winter flower, you dazzle me so.


Hello readers!

I am incredibly sorry for how I haven’t been posting for so long. It’s been so hectic this year, because of all the new pressure thats been biting at my head at school, and studying takes up every moment of my spare time. And even worse- I have my exams coming up. My first proper, big finals! It’s been crazy, and i doubt I’ll get through this school thingy alive.

Well I assure you, the time I spend NOT posting on my blog is not occupied by anything sweet but cruel studying. But I am hoping to squeeze in some time soon and get back to posting what I love: poetry!!

And here’s a hint to my next posts: i have been feeling very nature friendly this month and my upcoming uploads are likely to be about Mother Earth, and yada yada. Well thanks for holding tight!!!!!!!

Lots of love




It’s that spark than lives within us,
It’s that little ray of light,
It’s that source if inspiration
And that flower of our delight!

“But how to find it, friend”
I am sure that is what you’d say,
Well, I will answer it right now:
Just look a little way:

When you look between the branches,
You’ll see a bird family twittering with love,
Or just look up towards the sky
And note the calm clouds floating above.

But the nearest place to find it:
It resides within ourselves, you know!
Close your eyes and search your heart
And feel that joyful, happy glow.

Activate it when you’re pure of heart,
But it’ll sleep off if you’re being mean
So to find that lovely spark,
Just keep your mind clean!

So that’s how you find joy,
And please value this advice,
So whenever you’re down,
You needn’t frown, just be nice!
Hi guys here’s a quick little poem (don’t mind that it’s a tad bit too simple please, It was a ten minute job, but I still worked!) I was supposed to write a poem on the same topic at school but I was called for something else, and I wasn’t given extra time to write it later at school, so I wrote it at home instead! Hope you enjoyed! 😉


Hello friends! Here is a little poem on saving animals. We have another tiny class show coming up and our topic was “Care for Animals!” So I wrote a short poem which we are going to say along with a skit and a few more peppy activities. So here it is:


Oh this Earth so green and blue

Is a blessing God has sent you

Every single living creature

Given existence by Mother Nature .

Every movement is life’s gush

From an alligator to the thrush

We hope that with our little show

You’ll understand how animals come and go.

Before animals and humans together were great

But now, animals die in every state

Before, our friendship was instilled

Now animals are constantly killed!

So friends, let’s take a step today

To stop animals from dying away.


Be Happy

Being happy is a joy</

Don’t let it slip your hand

Sometimes other people

Your feelings wont understand.


But it doesn’t mean they hate you!

Everyone thinks you’re supercool!

When the see how awesome you are<

They feel like a fool.


Don’t pucker up your forehead>

Let your dimple show your smile

The amount of how much you rock

Is longer than the Nile!

So wipe away those silly tears

And laugh and grin and play

For we all love you, my friend

We’ll keep sadness at bay.