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>Hi friends! This page is where we can communicate about things other than the posts availabe on the HOME page. Please write down your feedback like suggestions, or discussions. Will really be grateful if you can use this method to communcate about things not included on HOME page. Really looking forward to all your posts!
PS: This page is absolutely not a casual chat page, for which totally casual responses can be thrown around. “Wazzup? How was it at school?” is a clear example. However, there is no restriction towards
commenting over the posts, just in a different array. For example, if you wish to talk about animals after reading the article ‘Squirrel’ it will be further suited to do so at the Talk Page.


45 thoughts on “▓Talk Page▓

  1. Whats up? Did you read the ‘Mr. Popo’ poem? If you want little Mr. Popo to become a regular character, put your feedback on this post and I will see if I can cook up some more stories and poems about this funny little man. – Tapasmi 😉

  2. Hi friends! Do you love animals? I have posted an article ‘Save The Tiger’ recently. I would really love it if you guys can discuss this here on the talk page. Any other interesting animal who has to be saved from getting endangered? A fun project on saving animals? New information? Whatever it is, post it here! Would really appreciate if you could. Looking forward!

      • Yes, I do know about it. It is indeed miserable about that particular animal, it is blamed for eating all the fish and shot. 😦 This is very cruel indeed. It is found in parts of the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Lesser than 600 of these species exist. Monk seals are one of the most endangered mammals and are the second biggest pinniped in the world.

  3. :mrgreen: Thanks Lynn for the encouraging comments. Keep them coming. ♥ As for Mr Popo, you will see him soon. His humourous incidents shall be bound to tickle one’s bones. 😆

  4. Hello! Saw the pictures of your eyes as theme. Make more Mr. Popo stories. He is my favourite. I love animals too. I want a pet, but my Mom and Dad won’t allow me. In HT CITY, everyday many pets come for adoptation. I read about 2 such pets and my heart melted my heart. in one, a cute puppy and his cousins are in New Delhi, and they can die from heat. The other one, a dog was found outside a temple and it couldn’t stand. Afterwards, he gained some strength and could stand. Please, send photos and detailes of any animal which needs adoptation. Also write, an e-mail address or a phone number, so, if any one is intrested can contact and adopt. Please, please, please help the animals.

    • Thanks for noticing the theme header and liking the Mr Popo series, Samriddhi. It is true, animals are getting tortured due to human’s carelessness. Did you know, around 5% of dogs and 15% of birds may starve or die due to heat, starvation or water shortage. All the animals are begging for a bit kindness towards them, and some humans are being good towards them. But some is not enough, it has to be all and conditions dont improve much this way. Stray dogs, smitten and dirty, maybe grazed tails are now common sights at roads. We may not be able to do much, but we can bring a little bowl of clean water or so, and put in along the roadsides for the birds and dogs and cats to feed from. I will search for some references for these poor animals as you asked. Here is a little mission that we can perform ourselves:
      But up nowls of clean water on roadsides and out our homes
      Stopping cruelty towards animals
      Walking disable dogs through the road if needed- etc…

      Once again, I will be doing research for the animals and I hoped my reply came in help. I will be mailing to you.

  5. Thanks for the serious concern of animals, Tapasmi. My Mom hates dogs and won’t let me go near one. Spread word of adoptation, so, someone might come forward.

    • Sure thing Samriddhi. I will try and spread the word and help out as much as I can. But other than just waiting for somebody to come forward, we can also do a few tiny improvements ourselves, which we will keep ultra safe so you will be allowed. We will not have to neccasirily go near them if you are unallowed. 🙂 We will discuss further on Talk Page or in Gmail. Reply to select one.

    I have some blogs which I greatly recommend. Here they are:
    http://www.akashleenarc.wordpress.com – my sister’s
    http://www.poetreecreations.wordpress.com – a blog which am truly thankful to
    http://www.mirandacherrypie.wordpress.com – a regular and appreciated visitor
    http://www.animalsdeservetolive.wordpress.com – a very touching blog I regularly visit
    http://www.poetographyblog.wordpress.com – an inspiring blog
    http://www.tapasmiagain.wordpress.com – some of my own stories

    • Hi!
      Thank you so much for your nomination!! I am really grateful to you.
      I saw your post, but I do not understand how to give someone a nomination. Can you please help me out? Thank you so much again!

      • Hello my dear,
        You are welcome! You only need to choose blogs with less than 200 followers.

        For me, I searched my favourite tags to look for blogs that explore my favourite topics. I found yours and I wanted to share it with others 🙂

        I hope this helps! Have fun ^^

  7. are you the topper of your class?just asking :D. i miss you a lot and Leena didi. Meeko and i are dying to see you. keep up your writing. i am always checking if you have written anything new and so is my family.

  8. you know my friend came and i showed her your writing and she was stupefied!
    i was so proud of you ❤ its nice to know that i can communicate to you once more!

    • We don’t exactly have a magazine, but in our school portal we are given topics to write on and the best ones are submitted. I submit my pretty often. 😀 And guess what? Recently I became an Editor in my school so I now check for all the grammatical errors in the other’s writings and a lot more cool stuff related to English. 😀

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