Rules Of This Blog
Dont worry, I am not going write down a long lecture on rules, terms and policies. I will try to keep this as short as possible and just clear a few things out. Here we go:

Rule 1: I will gladly welcome any comments give suggestions on how to make an article or any post better, or comments which debate on things I say. There is no problem with disagreeing on a particular fact, or the correction of a small problem present anywhere. But comments which are rude, abusive and insulting will not be accepted. It shall not be approved or further action may be taken.

Rule 2: Nothing should be copied from this blog. Ideas are to share, not copy. I shall be hurt if you do but will be a sad thing- cheating things from other blogs. It is the lowest one can get. This is not allowed at all, as everything here is original.

Rule 3: Please do not comment things related to something else on a different topic. Such as, commenting on ‘Save The Tiger’ about ‘Short Mr. Popo’ etc. Please comment on the correct post if you do. Any thing NOT related to any post can be put in ‘Talk Page’. For clearer details check ‘About’.

Rule 4: Please do not hesitate about posting your feedback, whether it be bad or good (just as long there is not abuse). Your review over the blog is crucial for its improvement. I want to make this blog as nice as possible and will be grateful if you do point out any mistake. (If there is any! 😉 )

Rule 5: Keep in mind that this is a blog which you can participate in loads of stuff like discussions and games such as riddles. Have fun, be free and try and make your most out of this blog.

Thats it! Lets get going.
Your sincerely,
Tapasmi 😛


7 thoughts on “▓Rules▓

    • Hello! I am so sorry for the late reply. For some reason your comment did not show in my notifications!
      But thank you so much for the nomination! I am truly honoured. 😀

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