I’m Back! An apology poem-


I apologise quite dearly for

The inconvenience I’ve caused.

Well to be honest it’s not much

But a lot of precious time lost.


It’s been about a month (or two)

Since I’ve neglected my blog

But halt! I do have an excuse

I’ve been working quite a slog.


Now you may be sceptical

And wonder suspiciously how

A twelve year old is kept so busy

To that I shall give the answer now.


Exams! Yes, those deadly things

Which upon my brain were hacking

Wish I had the acumen to balance both

But for me, common sense is lacking.


But now that I’ve been released!

From this shackled vortex of toil

No more swotting up (for now)

My head in lesser of a coil.


My heart and soul is back

Devoted back to my little site!

Stay tuned for more poetry

(unless I forget- which I might.) 😛


Thinking What To Post

Hello friends! Today, I thought about what to post, and I had no idea what to do. It was like my brain pulled a fuse!
So I just let my tongue go loose about how blank I felt, and I was like: “That’s it!” And so, I wrote a poem about not knowing what to post in WordPress. Let me know if you can relate! 😉


I wondered what to post
On my WordPress Blog today.
A poem? Or a story?
Photos of Picture Day?

I told my brain to imagine.
I told it to go and think.
I grasped on ideas
Like a kinda ravenous mink.

I drooled on my bed.
I clutched and pulled my hair.
But whatever I tried to do,
My head just seemed bare!

I gnawed on my pen.
I scratched my hand.
The concept of creativity
I tried hard to understand!

But after fifteen minutes
Of sitting like a chump
I got kind of an idea
Which popped up like a bump.

What if, like Blyton’s Fatty
I let my tongue go loose?
I’d rhyme out all my feelings
And the poem I would choose!

So by the time I finished,
I ranted out my thought cloud
And this is what I said
Quite soon out loud.

I hope you enjoyed
This bit of my lifestyle
Of how I wrote the poem
Which drove me quite senile!