Crackling Fire


Crackling, warming red fire
Filling our hearts desire
Warming through the frozen bones
Toasting through the rickety stones.

Sitting on a rocking chair
In your cozy homey lair
Gently, snoozing of in ease
The calming warmth stops the freeze.

The cat happily stretching beside
The fireplace as to decide
To that day just curl and purr
As you stroke through its fur.

In the frost and in the snow
The fire warmth does bestow
Forget about the thick coats
The smoky fragrance softly floats.

Ah the pleasure of fire never ends
Until the logs burn, descends
The fire finishes into ash
Again, the town’s a frosty stash.

But worry not, my friend, dear
Of freezing you needn’t fear
Matchsticks, twigs- fire’s ready
Magic rekindles, burning steady.



Mr Popo

There was a short man with a tall black hat

Matching his jet-black coat which was too fat.

His name was Mr Popo, and one day he went to a mall,          

And, with his small hand, knocked behind a wall.

Up jumped a pussy cat, and ran away with Mr Popo’s hat,

And Mr Popo screamed!

The sun brightly gleamed.

And this, o dear reader, is the first part of the scene.


Soon Mr Popo went to a shop, with his bare head,

and he was so angry, his cheeks had become red.

So he bought a small red hat, the only one available at the shop,

And knocked at a wall, and up came a kangaroo, with its loud hop!

It hopped away with Mr Popo’s new red hat,

And down at the bench Mr Popo sat.

He thought he was some poor servant, of a mighty queen.

And he was so angry, his little cheeks became green! 

And this, o dear reader, is the second part of the scene.*


Then Mr Popo went to a shop, and bought a yellow hat,

Knocked at another wall, and up jumped both kangaroo and cat!

And both gave the two hats back, and his temper decreased,

And he was half-tired, half-relieved.


THE END     

Miss Pussy Cat Goes To US

                    Little Miss Pussy Cat Goes To US

Little Miss Kitty Cat was a mischievous little cat.  She didn’t have a place to live. She just used to steal a milk bottle and drink it, and then get inside the bottle to sleep. Then when she woke up, she used to somehow manage to get out. So one day, Miss Kitty was roaming around. She saw an airport nearby. There was a plane standing there, with a lot of people getting in. And would you believe it, that naughty little cat climbed up to the plane! She did! Miss Kitty climbed up to the airplane, and as soon as she sat in it, the airplane started moving. First that gentle little drive on the ground, then the airplane started flying.  There was an announcement: “Please fasten your seatbelts, plane reaching to US”.


There were a few boxes here and there inside the plane, filled with food. They were filled with whatever Miss Kitty liked! Well, you might have guessed, that it took no time for Miss Kitty to gobble all the food up. Then she hid behind the last seat.

Just then, a pretty lady in a white uniform came up to the boxes to serve the customers food, and of course, she found them empty! Ms Kitty had quiet eaten all of them. The lady let out a scream. A few people came running in to see what the matter was.

‘The f-food i-i-is empty! I-i- mean the boxes are empty!’ stammered the lady.

‘Calm down, Marina. You’re talking like as if you’ve just met a ghost! Now lets see… the food certainly is gone!!’ said a fat man who wore a dark blue uniform made of cotton.

Now, when Miss Kitty heard this, she felt naughty. She let out a weird, eerie sound like a ghost, to scare the people! And it was scary, I must say!


All the passengers and the other people jumped up in fright.

‘It must be my imagination’ murmered everybody to themselves. But it certainly wasn’t, for everybody heard the sound again! Miss Kitty was­ enjoying herself!

Then at last the voice stopped. Miss Kitty nearly cracked her sides not laugh.

‘Looks like it was a ghost alright, Brandon!’ said the lady at last.

Soon all the people were comfortable again , because the sound stopped. Then suddenly, the plane stopped. The plane had reached US!    

Miss Kitty too sneaked out with people and whent striaght to a shop named ‘Jasmine’s Jewlery’. As quick as lightening , Miss Kitty took the most expensive and beautiful necklace from the shop and fled!! Fortunately for Miss Kitty, the shopkeeper didn’t notice her. Miss Kitty wore the necklace. It looked nice! She was most delighted. She went to another shop, where there were neat white towels stacked every where and a few soap-bars as well. Miss Kitty took the towel, not noticed by the shopkeeper who was busy attending his costumers. Miss Kitty wrapped the towel around her as a dress. And this went on. Once she stole a red lipstick and one time an expensive mascara, and once pretty little pair of shoes and once a pair jade-earrings. She kept on doing this, until she was spotted by a group of people. Whats more, that the group of people were no one but the shopkeepers of the markets from where Miss Kitty stole all the things! The shopkeepers had all come out to search for the thief, and they saw Miss Kitty at once! They chased her, and a good long chase it was. Soon the shopkeepers were tired, and returned to their shops and left Miss Kitty free. Miss Kat was glad. Then she found a cozy place, and had a rest. And also, she had given birth to two furry little baby kittens! So Miss Kitty stealing started again,this time for her dear little kittens. Soon, the three Cats (or 1 cat and two kittens, to be more precise) came to a resturaunt. They sneaked in, and saw lots of rich people eating the choicest of delicious food. Suddenly, one of the little kittens pointed at a boy who was eating very shabbily, and lots of his food fell under the table.



‘Good catch, little kitten!’ said Miss Kitty and stroked the little kitten who spotted the boy.

The kitten was proud of herself.

‘Now, you two, go near that boy,and hide under his chair or table. And eat whatever food that is falling down. Meanwhile I’ll be in chef’s kitchen.’



So the two kittens trotted off to the boy.

Miss Kitty quietly went into the kitchen, and covered herself with a white cloth to camouflage with the white floor. She could see alright, for she covered only her back legs and back for the cloth was too short to cover her face and front legs too. She walked very slowly. A very fat person with a very thin moustache with  very small curls was very strictly instructing everybody. He was the headchef there.


The chef was complimenting some cakes, or spitting out broths he didn’t like and all those chef stuff. Miss Kitty was about to lick the head chef to give him a fright when she saw a huge roasted turkey on the window sill on the corner. Nobody was working on the corner, so it was quite easy for Miss Kitty to have the freshly-cooked turkey.

‘This is even better than milk!’ thought Miss Kitty. She ate only half of it, for she was full. But she did not waste the other half. She dragged it with her. But then she realised wherever she dragged it, it left a trail of sauce. So she wrapped the turkey in the white cloth. The heavy load slowed her down a bit. She dragged and dragged it to the little kittens. But before she could reach them, a woman screamed.

‘CAT!’ –She cried.



Some waiters chased Miss Kitty. And when they saw the kittens too the evil waiters grabbed a knife and was about to stab all the cats when Miss Kitty came to rescue. She dropped the turkey, quickly took the kittens in her arms and fled.

‘HUFF..PUFF! Narrow escape! And I’m so hungry. I couldn’t bring the turkey with me… but I had to save you guys, didn’t I ?’

‘We understand, mommy. And don’t feel hungry. We have saved some bits of pancakes for you that the boy dropped.’

Miss Kitty ate it eagerly, for she was so very hungry. She was proud of her kittens. She stroke them and called them good kittens.

They went on. And the kittens were proud of themselves, and very happy too because their mother had bought (or to be more precise, ‘stole’) a pearl necklace for both of them.

Soon they spotted a spa. They also spotted a little place were cats or other tame animals were getting a massage. But they were adopted animals, so Miss Kitty couldn’t go there. How nice would it be to get a massage, for their legs were aching. Suddenly one kitten spotted a little piece of paper on the road. They all gathered around it. Miss Kitty read the paper. It said:


I’ve sent my pets here to get a massage I’ll be back one hour later. I have some work to do. Please give my pets a full body massage. Thank you- from your regular customer- Stacey.

Miss Kitty said, ‘I must have been dropped by someone. What luck! So we can have massage after all. Miss Kitty put the paper on her back and went to one of the ladies there who was giving massages to a rabbit. Miss Kitty was just in time. As soon as Miss Kitty came near, the lady read the note on Miss Kitty’s back.

‘Well, well, well! Another pet! First I’ll do the bigger one.

So miss pussy cat got a wonderful relaxing massage, and so did the kittens. They had trotted out of the shop happily. Not far of, was an airport. There was a plane where thousands of people were getting in. Naughty Miss Kitty got in the plane which was going to England. You might’ve guessed what happened next- and with kittens!