New Books

Hello! Sorry for posting late today. But here goes a little poem on new books, and how awesome it feels to buy them:
new book blog

“Papa, papa, let me buy
The books there in the shop!”
Exasperated, Papa replied
“All right, I know you can’t stop.”

“KA-CHING!” Says the machine
And two minutes after that
A lovely book is in my hand
Sitting brightly whitely fat.

Once I get home I don’t
Bother to change my clothes
But jump on to my bed
Opening the book closed.

Sniff! I smell the pages
The fragrance of lovely books
“Read me!” The book cries to me
With a booky-booky look.

As I start reading, oh the joy!
The words splashing on my mind
Like waves against a sandy beach.
Words to book are destined.

I forget my dinner and my lunch
I forget everything that I once knew
For my eyes to the long pages
Are stuck to them like glue.

The book may not have pictures
But I see them in my brain
Me going down in the author’s
Worded memory lane.

Lost in a world of dream
The words wrap like a vine!
Upon the jewelled sentences
I feed upon and dine.

And when the clock ticks
And I reach the very end
It’s like the Gods of the world
Blessings to me did send.

That’s it! I hoped you liked it. I wrote another poem which I will post tomorrow. Byeee!


Thinking What To Post

Hello friends! Today, I thought about what to post, and I had no idea what to do. It was like my brain pulled a fuse!
So I just let my tongue go loose about how blank I felt, and I was like: “That’s it!” And so, I wrote a poem about not knowing what to post in WordPress. Let me know if you can relate! 😉


I wondered what to post
On my WordPress Blog today.
A poem? Or a story?
Photos of Picture Day?

I told my brain to imagine.
I told it to go and think.
I grasped on ideas
Like a kinda ravenous mink.

I drooled on my bed.
I clutched and pulled my hair.
But whatever I tried to do,
My head just seemed bare!

I gnawed on my pen.
I scratched my hand.
The concept of creativity
I tried hard to understand!

But after fifteen minutes
Of sitting like a chump
I got kind of an idea
Which popped up like a bump.

What if, like Blyton’s Fatty
I let my tongue go loose?
I’d rhyme out all my feelings
And the poem I would choose!

So by the time I finished,
I ranted out my thought cloud
And this is what I said
Quite soon out loud.

I hope you enjoyed
This bit of my lifestyle
Of how I wrote the poem
Which drove me quite senile!




A creature so beautiful
With deep piercing eyes
Head to back a mauve mane
Does smoothly rise.
White skin with pinkish tinge
And softly padded feet
So kind and friendly to innocent souls
Though to enemies quite discreet.
Slender muscles yet so strong
A very brave and courageous mind
This wondrous benevolent individual
In the fairy tales we can find.
But don’t lose heart my friend
You may think fairy tales aren’t real
But keep looking inside yourself
It’s still there, you’ll feel.
And when your head rests upon the pillow
You go to the princess castle so grand
You’ll meet the mesmerising being
Grazing round the grassy land.
Yes, you’ll see the unicorn!
Its whinny so pure and light!
You mount upon and then you shall
On it set high up flight.
Those strong muscles to run on land
Now soar through pearly clouds
You’ll be the one and only in
The sky’s cool windy crowds.
You’ll throw your hands in utter delight
And your brave yet compassionate friend
Shall smile wisely and with a laugh
More joy to you will send.
You’ll ride and enjoy with Unicorn
Until the sky hues purple and yellow
When suddenly you hear a shout:
And you’ll wake up to reality
Your mum shaking you awake
But you’ll know the unicorn exists
And is not and never will be fake.