The Poem Of A Bookworm


I’m a bookworm, and indignant as well

When people rather nosily question

The point of loving books so much,

The cause of my obsession?

I used to answer, and explain to them

Why I long for those lovely stories; simple!

Yet, they must not understand,

For they recommend to me: A Kindle!

Oh yes, it has its good points, I’m sure

But I do hope you understand:

The difference between that and books

Are that of sea and land.

I’m tired of answering again and again

So I’ll jot it down in this poem

Why I love ‘em books so much

So that (no offence) you’d leave me alone.

Books, let me tell; each one is so unique!

They have that certain magic

It makes us feel we’re watching it all,

Be it happy or funny or tragic.

Oh, these memories, they really do

Seem to engrave themselves in our heart

How the characters and readers combine:

Makes us cherish each and every part.

We nod our heads with laughter

Or we sob and drop the tears

Or with delight and bated breath

As every part does so adheres.

They entwine themselves so,

Within our book-inspired dreams

We become a part of them!

Or it certainly seems!

I’d suggest, if you DON’T feel the same,

The open one; give it a try!

And experience it all yourself

As you laugh and giggle and cry.

Like if you can relate!




A creature so beautiful
With deep piercing eyes
Head to back a mauve mane
Does smoothly rise.
White skin with pinkish tinge
And softly padded feet
So kind and friendly to innocent souls
Though to enemies quite discreet.
Slender muscles yet so strong
A very brave and courageous mind
This wondrous benevolent individual
In the fairy tales we can find.
But don’t lose heart my friend
You may think fairy tales aren’t real
But keep looking inside yourself
It’s still there, you’ll feel.
And when your head rests upon the pillow
You go to the princess castle so grand
You’ll meet the mesmerising being
Grazing round the grassy land.
Yes, you’ll see the unicorn!
Its whinny so pure and light!
You mount upon and then you shall
On it set high up flight.
Those strong muscles to run on land
Now soar through pearly clouds
You’ll be the one and only in
The sky’s cool windy crowds.
You’ll throw your hands in utter delight
And your brave yet compassionate friend
Shall smile wisely and with a laugh
More joy to you will send.
You’ll ride and enjoy with Unicorn
Until the sky hues purple and yellow
When suddenly you hear a shout:
And you’ll wake up to reality
Your mum shaking you awake
But you’ll know the unicorn exists
And is not and never will be fake.

My Book Of Poetic Beauty


My Book Of Poetic Beauty

My book of poetic beauty
Is not a bunch of rhymes
‘Tis the book of my best achievements
And the book of my darkest crimes

My book of poetic beauty
Is not straw to gold
‘Tis just my feelings to words
And I’d like them to be told.

My book of poetic beauty
Is not book of bustle ‘n’ hastle
‘Tis the book of my thoughts, goals and dreams
Which form my soul’s poetic castle.

My book of poetic beauty
Has no end nor a start
It ain’t a book at all
But my beloved mind and heart.