Raksha Bandhan


Raksha Bandhan is a special festival in India. It is a day where a sister ties a band known as a rakhi on her brother wrist as an act of love and care. Happy Raksha Bandhan my friends!


Oh brother, on this special day

This rakhi that I give to you

carries the deepest meanings

From my heart and true.


We fight almost everyday

Like a Tom and Jerry show

A matter of death and survival

Dodging every shout and blow.


But dada, if that didn’t happen

We wouldn’t be quite as close

The love that I want to give

I hope this little rakhi shows.


So brother, put out your hand

And I will tie this bond of utmost care

Cheers to a happy loving life

And a few more squabbles to share.



The Struggling Vines

Hello! I wrote this poem yesterday. I hope you like it! I tried to make a drawing to help explain the poem a bit, and I know it isn’t too good, but still, here it is. So here goes my poem:
I was playing cricket
When suddenly the ball smashed
Against my neighbour’s window
But I didn’t want to get bashed!

So gingerly I climbed
Over the garden fence
To retrieve my cricket ball
But some danger did I sense.

The flowers weren’t smiling
The leaves didn’t tingle.
No hint of sound was their
Not even a single.

Suddenly the green v ines
Which crept up the creepy wall
Suddenly started growing
Longer and further tall.

But what difference did it make?
The vines just evilly gleamed.

The green ropes of leaves
Just clutched around my face
And alas! I defied my wish
And died in scary disgrace.

As I choked, the vines
Splattered liquid on me
And some consciousness
Did I begin to see!

The I opened my sight
And saw Mamma’s carring eyes
Telling me to wake up
From the nightmarish lies.

I hugged her tight happily
“Oh mom, you do not know
How glad I am to have you!”
And my tears began to flow.