Friends :)


Friends :)

Hello, my dear viewers! I am sorry for the long absence. The laptop was just not working! But now I am here to hopefully please you with my poems and posts.
You see, I have an older sister who is now going off to college. She once asked me to write a poem to express her love to her old friends from school. She, Leena, really loved her friends and cared for them, that anyone could see. So I agreed to write a poem and I thought about how I myself would feel if I had to be separated from my dear friends, and this is what came to my mind.
It will be days few
And I’ll scoot out of school.
I’d nose around for future
And work and dream and drool.
But I know, that I’ll be empty
In a little part of me
For I will miss you people
I know that you can see.
I’ll miss the school-y days
And the books and pens
But what I’ll miss most of all
Is my group of friends.
With whom I have laughed
Cried, played and fought
Aha, my group of friends
I will forget naught.
I’ll laugh when I think
Of the funny school days
And I’ll cry too
As I remember our craze.
Friends, even if
I’m in a different place
I’m hugging you forever:
Friendship is the trace.


Friends Together Again


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>When my father was in school, he shared a close friendship with some of his schoolmates. Their bond was so strong that they were quite inseparable. Even when they left school and parted ways, their pure, soft flame of friendship never broke. Two months ago, Papa had gone to the U.S for a business trip. When he reached, he met his old friends. He mailed to me….:

Hi Dear,
I met some old friends of mine after many years – Mama can show you the picture. I want you to write a poem for me about meeting old friends and how good you feel – going down the memory lane , maintaining childish thoughts – as if we are meeting after a day and not 20 years .. something about child friendship which does not die but keep the flame on which is pure , soft and not driven by materialistic world …. so on and so forth.
Love, Papa ♥

And so, that moment, I went into Papa’s mind and imagined how it would feel to meet my cherished friends after 20 years. This is what I came up with:


I have grown a beard
My smile is quite old
And yes, I have a family!
My life’s in perfect mould!
I have rules and terms
I follow them well
But have you ever felt
That urge to go and dwell?
To forget my age
And simply transform
Into simple schoolboy
My heart young and warm!
My friend, I have told you.
I am not that young anymore.
From that little point,
I have reached miles galore!
But that doesn’t change
The little, precious fact
The flame from the time we met
Yes, it stays exact.
Even though I’m not young
I’m still that little boy
Who treated life carefree
Like a tiny toy!
I still remember when
Together we linked arms
Played pranks on friends
Made with teacher charms.
Laughed and ran out to play
And see if our gang
Had scored enough goals yet
And get that childish pang!
Fought madly over
The possession of a pencil
Like a squabbling ducky
Or a banging utensil.
Ran with windy speed
To avoid laying shadow
On one another
On this we were mad-oh!
I’ll never forget how
We walked to homes of each other
Hoping for Auntie’s delicious treats
Like sister and brother.
Oh, the times we had
when we were tiny growing seeds
Carrying out funny plans
And naughty boy misdeeds.
My friend, keep listening.
Even though it’s twenty years
The child-y flame’s blazing
Warding of the fears.
Till now, you and me
Are best friends in and out
The truth is in the air.
Not even a point to shout!
If we are in different places
And thousand miles apart
I’m Arindam and you’re my BFF
Young, loving from heart.

Friendship- My Friend

An amazing friend of mine is she
She is my life, my eternity
She is the very support of my soul
Always she fills my saddening hole
Only for her God to us sends
Our dearest people, family and friends
She does not exist though she does in a way
All our worries she sends to bay
She is our very importand need
To us she is vital indeed
Without her our minds shall be lost
Our happy memories shall be covered with frost
But we shant have those moments if she isnt there even at first,
She works so hard for us, you’d really think she’d burst
Our friends and family, our love and dear,
Would not be with you if she was not here
Our happiness depends on her, she brings our true companions
The shelter she gives us, even beats the shelter of the banyans
She is not a celebriity, yet she owns fame
Now I shall tell you- Friendship is her name.