Mr Popo Tries To Cook

Hey Guys! Today we have another Popo Poem! Dont know what that is? Well, Mr Popo is a regular character on my blog. He is always up to ridiculous things and his trusty wife Mrs Pipi has to help him out of them 😀 Click on the links below to see a few other post about him:


Today’s poem is about Mr Popo trying to cook! Without further ado, here it is:

mr popo tries to cook



Mr Popo, short and fat

Is back with us again

Again making a ginormous fuss

That cycle shall repeat again.


This time, our dear fussy man

Had seemed to attach a hook

To a habit- quite disastrous

Of wanting to learn to cook!


His Mrs Pipi just sighed

She was used to his little ways

Of wanting to do thinks so bizarre

They mostly didn’t last for two days.


Just when this funny little man

Proposed this cooking idea to her

She knew all the things she would

Have to clean and fix and stir.


Mrs Pipi knew much better

Than to just uselessly interfere

But leave her hubby alone to mess up

The dirt she would later clear.


Now meanwhile, near the stove,

Was Mr Popo, sneezing and crying

He breathed pepper chopping onions

Soon, he was quite done trying.


But he wanted to impress his wife

So he quickly call up a food shop

Asked for noodles home delivery

So the deliver came in a hop.


When it was finally suppertime

They sat together to eat-

But ah, there was a catch-

That it was takeout, he didn’t admit!


He passed it off as his own,

And Mrs Pipi was so impressed!

But in the middle of Popo’s gloating,

A problem suddenly pressed.


Mrs Pipi noticed capsicum in the meal

But she knew there were none at home

She inquired Mr Popo about it

An uneasiness began to roam.


Than he had to explain how

He hadn’t actually made it

He just got it to impress Pipi:

It came out bit by bit.


Ready for a disappointed wife.

He bowed his head in shame

But then he saw Pipi smiling

For she loved him all the same!


“Oh Popo! You are too funny!

That was silly, yes thats true.

But the fact you wanted to just impress me

Just makes me really love you!”


So the day ended with the short

And funny couple laughing about it

The stars bright and shining

The moon whitely brightly lit.

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An Ode To Smelly Feeters


I dislike smelly feet.

They seem repulsive to me.

For who, on this Earth,

Sweaty toes wants to see?

All I am trying to say,

Is be hygienic my friend

Have clean feet, good job!

Now keep up this good trend.

To finish this fairly gross rhyme

Have a bath once in a while

Remember to clean between the toes

If you don’t, I’ll go senile.


Some nonsense for today! 😀

Paddy-Paw and the Tale of the Turtle

Hello friends! Hope you like this little story of Paddy-Paw’s silly antics, and how he is out-smarted yet again by a smart little turtle. ENJOY! 😀

paddy paw blog piuc AND TURTLE….blog turtle

Paddy-Paw was a child jaguar. He was a bit silly. He was also a bit of a glutton, and so his mother gave him some instructions so that Paddy-Paw’s tummy could be satisfied when it was not.
“Paddy-Paw, Paddy-Paw, now you listen to me
Keep your eyes and ears open so you can hear and see.”
And so Paddy-Paw listened and opened his ears and eyes.
“Now, Paddy-Paw, you are a lovely little child, and I don’t want you to be hungry. So I am telling you how to satisfy that tummy of yours. First, whenever you see a prey, don’t let the prey see you. When he does, talk to him, softly, and be nice to him. If there is anything you can do to make him tastier, do it. When you feel it is the time, eat him,” she said knowledgably. “I am going away for a few days, so you have to get your own food. Be well!” and she cuddled him and went away.
Paddy-Paw was having mixed signals. He felt very responsible but also a bit scared. He had never caught his own food before! But he wanted to make his mummy happy, silly though he was, and so he gave it a try. He didn’t want to go up and look for some animal, though. But he needn’t have worried- opportunity came knocking on his door- literally!
He heard a knock on his door, and realised it was snowing quite heavily. Then he saw a little turtle who was shivering. Remembering his mother’s words, he quickly hid behind.
The turtle raised his eyebrows. He was very intelligent, and thought it was pointless for Paddy-Paw to hide when he had clearly seen him. “I saw you,” said the turtle. Paddy-Paw foolishly jumped back.
“Oh, did you?” he asked, his voice dripping with sweetness. Probably realising who stupid he sounded, he spoke a bit normally after that. “What’s wrong, my friend?”
“The weather, it is horrible! Please let me in for shelter! I’ll probably die with cold,” replied the turtle ruefully.
Paddy-Paw was about to say no, but remembered in time he was supposed to be kind. He agreed.
As soon as the turtle was in, he locked the door. He said evilly to the turtle “YOU ARE CAUGHT!” The turtle was horrified. But his wits came to his rescue. “Oh, you clever soul! But please let me stay for three days, so you can feed me and fatten me up before you eat me!”
This seemed like quite a good plan to Paddy-Paw. He glared at the Turtle. “Okay. But only three days, mind you! On the fourth day I shall gobble you up.”
The next three days the turtle received beautiful treatment. When the turtle had given Paddy-Paw the idea of fattening him up, Paddy-Paw did! He gave him the most delicious things to eat. The turtle enjoyed them thoroughly and kept asking for more, giving the excuse that he wanted Paddy-Paw to feel happier when he ate him!
Both the turtle and the jaguar waited excitedly for the fourth day of the turtle’s visit. As soon as the turtle woke up, the jaguar confronted him. “YOU’RE DINNER!” he cried.
The turtle instantly jumped up. “Yes, Jaguar sir,” he said respectfully. “But as for you to enjoy me, I must go have a bath, for who likes to eat a mouldy-smelling turtle?” Paddy-Paw agreed, and showed him the way to the bathroom. But the turtle shook his head. “To make myself taste really good, I must bathe in the Pure River first, which is in front of your house. Please, may I go there?”
Paddy-Paw remembered that his mother told him to make his prey as tasty as possible, so he gave the Turtle permission to bathe in the Pure River. As the jaguar didn’t like to swim, he didn’t accompany him. And so the turtle vanished into the depths of the river and Paddy-Paw waited, and waited, and waited. It wasn’t long before he realised the trick played on him and he realised his folly.
“Oh, I lost my dinner because of my stupidity,” he said, clutching at his fur. “I’ll never be silly again!”
Poor old Paddy-Paw! I doubt he will ever lose his silliness, though!
the end


Banana, as we all know, is a fruit with yellow peel and white inner, which some people find tasty and others not. Today, I tell you the story of how some of this lovely fruit came to use…
There was a poor but nice family who lived under the rule of King Ode, who was very nice. He often when to random houses in his country to see how they got on. One day, that poor family heard a rumour that the king was coming to their home! Now, the situation was bad. There was only one thing that the poor family had which was fit for a guest to eat- and that was their bananas! However, that did not help the situation as what kind of sense would it make to serve a banana to the king?
The mother, Mrs Lal, cried to her son, “beta, please go and check if there are any bananas which are nice in the kitchen? Do be quick!” so off rushed her son.
He came back. “Ma, we don’t have anything except bananas. Surely we cannot feed a banana to the raja?”
“No, we can’t, beta.” She said, worried.
The father, Mr Lal, had a suggestion. “Let me experiment, please. I will try and make something with the banana,” he said. The others agreed, ready to try anything at the moment. After all, who could blame them? The raja was coming!
They heard a whole lot of sizzling and frying in the kitchen. Mr Lal smashed the bananas to pulp, added some flour and sugar to it and mixed it up. Once the batter hardened, he made little balls out of it and cooked them.
Mr Lal just put the things on a plate and covered it, but before the rest of the family could see, the great, the majestic, the royal, raja Ode arrived!
He was welcomed inside the small house. He was very kind and talked to the family more or less like equals. Finally, Mr Lal said to the raja “Raja, please accept the family special: Bangali Kola Boda! The cover was taken off, to reveal some strange looking food:
It was brown and small, like a mini pakoda. They let the king eat, hopeful looks on their faces. The kind looked at it. “Is this some sort of new dish? I have never seen it before!” The family nervously nodded. And slowly watched the king put it into his mouth and… WOW! These were the king’s words. He loved them! The Lals nearly cried with relief. They ate it themselves, and were marvelled at the lovely taste!
And ever since then, it is a Bengali tradition to make them. And now we know the wonderful story of the even more wonderful food:

KOLA BODA! :mrgreen:
Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this story of the Kola Bodas. I wrote it last year and wanted to share it with you guys. 😀


Bad Handwriting


Bad Handwriting

Does my handwriting suck?
I certainly hope not.
But maybe if it does
I really think I ought
To not to write dumb rhymes
Which don’t make sense, none
The writing cant be understood
Knowing that is NOT fun.
My friends say my handwriting
Should to the government be reported
But it really seems so horrible
No vehicle will transport it.
Does my handwriting suck?
Well, I don’t know why I ask.
Me myself reading it
Is such a difficult task.
I once called up a genius
To guess what I had written
But I got smacked because he said
His head was now blank and smitten.
I know that I should feel ashamed
But I honestly feel a touch of pride.
Not the smartest can read it
No matter how much they tried.
So maybe I’ll put my silly drone
Where you wish: away
But that really has 0 point
Cuz the handwriting sucks anyway.
Now I shall tell the real truth
That none of this is true.
My handwriting is amazing in reality
I just wrote this to entertain you.

Mr Popo To The Gym


Mr Popo To The Gym

Little Mr Popo, he was home to tea,
He told his little wife, (Mrs Pipi) ‘come to me’
What happened, asked dear Pipi, wide her eyes were
For Mr Popo’s eyes were red, the husband who belonged to her.
Fat have I become, Pipi, so I have developed a whim
I shall start going to the huge nearby gym.
Pipi, rather happy, on Popo’s back gave a pat,
And said- That is good, oh Popo, very good is that.
Yes, I know, little wife but wouldn’t it be hard?
Don’t you worry Popo dear, the God shall keep you guard.
And so the next day, Popo went to the shop
Shopkeeper, do you know anything to help me to hop?
Yes, said Mr Shopkeeper, I have a trampoline
Alright, Popo replied, I suppose that shall be fine.
But oh, what work it was to carry it to the car,
For, my dear friends, it stretched out quite far.
He heaved it up with all his soul
And finally he achieved his goal.
Then, he went to find a stopwatch to see how fast he could run
But alas, he could not find at all even a single one.
He ran here, he ran there
He ran basically everywhere
Down his face went beads of sweat
As finally a stopwatch he had met.
All he needed now, friends, was a hanky to mop his head
Again he went to the market to buy one as I said.
The shopkeeper liked the ones which were white, or maybe blue
But not even one did Popo like too.
He rummaged through the shelf,
With difficulty- he was straining himself
And found one at last which met his need
So tired, he went home to give himself a feed.
Home he came to his little wife, she,
Surprised to see the expression of Mrs Pipi.
Oh, good, Popo! You went to the gym!
For you are sweating and look rather slim and trim.
Mr Popo, too surprised to speak,
He began to blabber, like a bird with an over-large beak.
Ignored, however, Mrs Pipi had come,
Carrying a muffin and a little bun.
Very good, Popo, you seemed to have done hard work
So here is a little treat for you to enjoy with a burp.
Mr Popo, overjoyed, gobbled it fast,
And thought about the day that he had passed.
He had rummaged and ran,
Carried weight in a short time span
So he did work without a fall
So he did deserve his treat after all!!

Riddle Mania

Riddle Mania

“First think of the person who lives in disguise,
Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies
Next, tell me what’s always the last thing to mend,
The middle of middle and end of the end?
And finally give me the sound often heard
During the search of a hard-to-find word.
Now string them together, and answer me this,
What creature would you be unwilling to kiss?”

Ans: Spider!

I march before armies,
A thousand salute me.
My fall can bring victory,
But no one would shoot me.
The wind is my lover,
One-legged am I.
Name me and see me
At home in the sky.

Ans: A Flag

In a house of death you are stuck.
Electricity is out. You run amuck.
To three doors you arrive- the death doors
You shall tread, yes, but on which floors?
One of pirhanas, dangerous and fed,
One of knives which shall have you dead
One of an electrical chair, it shall give you a shock
one you have to go through, and you shall earn the lock
So tell me, adventurer, which do you choose?
Pick the wrong option and you shall lose.
Which shall you take?

Ans: The electric chair, for the electricity is out, as it mentions on the second line.

A town of black painted walls
With black jackets, and black balls
No streetlamp is on
No light on the lawn
But a man sees a woman,possible it is how?
There is no light, so how did he see her now?

Ans: It was daylight.

I lack much reason, but often rhyme,
And require logic to pass the time,
To get the words to tell your kin,
Look for clues that lie within,
Though all are different, they act the same,
The answer is practically in the name.
What am I?

Ans: Riddle

A round shaped house lay on a road
For a pleasant walk the man of the house strode
Comes back to find his house robbed
So to all the people in his house to he throbbed
The new maid said to be cleaning the corner
The young teacher said to be singing Jack Horner
Gardener said Just mowing the lawn
Who was culprit in charge of the situation now on?

Ans: The maid. It is a round shaped house and not possible to have any corner.