Today’s a little different,

It’s the first of January

I’m usually flopped over the bed

Quite hesitant to hurry.


But today’s a special day

Eyes alight with golden hope

To succeed and achieve further

And spread joy at every scope.


I whip out my pen and paper

(Or a phone, considering day and age)

Ready to scribble out my resolutions;

Reach a more triumphant stage!


Whether it’s to study harder

Or the classic ‘lose weight’,

Being a tad less touchy,

Being not so late!


Need we make or break a habit,

And begin with a clean slate?

Make ourselves quit cold turkey

Or turn over a new leaf this date?


There’s always a little goal

Which we strive to make shine

(And hey, if they’re same as last year,

Don’t worry, so are mine 😉 )

My Book Of Poetic Beauty


My Book Of Poetic Beauty

My book of poetic beauty
Is not a bunch of rhymes
‘Tis the book of my best achievements
And the book of my darkest crimes

My book of poetic beauty
Is not straw to gold
‘Tis just my feelings to words
And I’d like them to be told.

My book of poetic beauty
Is not book of bustle ‘n’ hastle
‘Tis the book of my thoughts, goals and dreams
Which form my soul’s poetic castle.

My book of poetic beauty
Has no end nor a start
It ain’t a book at all
But my beloved mind and heart.