Mr Popo

There was a short man with a tall black hat

Matching his jet-black coat which was too fat.

His name was Mr Popo, and one day he went to a mall,          

And, with his small hand, knocked behind a wall.

Up jumped a pussy cat, and ran away with Mr Popo’s hat,

And Mr Popo screamed!

The sun brightly gleamed.

And this, o dear reader, is the first part of the scene.


Soon Mr Popo went to a shop, with his bare head,

and he was so angry, his cheeks had become red.

So he bought a small red hat, the only one available at the shop,

And knocked at a wall, and up came a kangaroo, with its loud hop!

It hopped away with Mr Popo’s new red hat,

And down at the bench Mr Popo sat.

He thought he was some poor servant, of a mighty queen.

And he was so angry, his little cheeks became green! 

And this, o dear reader, is the second part of the scene.*


Then Mr Popo went to a shop, and bought a yellow hat,

Knocked at another wall, and up jumped both kangaroo and cat!

And both gave the two hats back, and his temper decreased,

And he was half-tired, half-relieved.


THE END