Summer Has Taken Leave….


Summer Has Taken Leave....

The beautiful, hot, and sunny summer has been replaced by a truly beautiful monsoon in India. Even though the summers here are too hot for some people’s liking, they have their own kind of charm. I got inspired by re-reading Charlotte’s Web, an old classic, to write about the summer taking leave.

The summer has taken leave
The sad truth we have to heave
Watching the birds snuggle and nest
Not a minute to take rest
The flower dancing in joy and class
Bugs and beetles peeking through grass
There’s happiness everywhere
AND SUDDENLY- it isn’t there
The summer has taken leave
The sad truth we have to heave
Chirrup, chirrup, chirrup, we crickets sing.
It has left the maples red
The sunshine-eaters quite unfed
Gloom has settled in every nook
Our summer happiness summer has took
We begged her to return for a prize
The cheeky reply- wait for me to arise
She’ll not come, perhaps, now
But summer wished in this way, that’s how
The summer has taken leave
The sad truth we have to heave
Chirrup, chirrup, chirrup we crickets sing
We crickets sing…….


Icky, Slimey & Disgusting!

Oh My Good Lord!

Today something UTTERLY gross happened. I was just checking my blog’s notification, when I heard a little shriek from the living room.
I ran to the room, as fast as my legs could carry. And you will not believe what I saw. My sight laid upon a horrible, strange slimy creature, thin as a stick and long as a pencil. It had the most horrendous, pukey green colour, and two beady, mean and black eyes peering up at us threateningly. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but it WAS scary. Sure, not so big, but so horrible. And what scared us even more was that we had been experiencing a horrible insect problem over at our home, and we had called over the pest control just yesterday. What on the wide, huge world was a tiny snakey creature doing at MY home? I really didn’t know whether I felt scared stiff or absolutely fascinated. I ran to get my mom’s Iphone to get a picture, but by the time I got back it was thrust into a bit of old newspaper and thrown thankfully into the trashbin.
So much for scary incidents!