Some animals that I know of

Are today nowhere to be found

Like the dinosaur and the dodo

Neither any longer tread this ground.

There are many more such creatures

Like the Woolly Mammoth or Steller Sea Crow

Or the majestic Sabre-toothed tiger

Or  even the Penguin Great Ark now.

Now to an eager mind like your

The question is probable to arise

Where have all these animals gone?

What made them all bid goodbye?

I’m sorry to tell you this my friend

But mankind is the real cause

We have chopped off trees and poached them

We sold their bones, teeth, and claws.

And slowly all these species had

No way to any longer survive

And the same is endangering more

So we must change and realise!

How Mankind Changed Our Earth


Dear mankind, long before your birth

Such was the beauty of our Mother Earth

When dense leaves bore succulent fruit

When fauna was melodious, bright, astute.

When rippling water streamed and poured.

The zestful world left unexplored

The air mixed with purity and hope

Ecstasy and colour at every scope.

But then along you came, oh mankind

The grace that we once could find

Vanished, because of your sly ploy

The exquisiteness you did destroy

Due to deforestation, poaching and smoke

The delicate symmetry you had broke

All life having reached fatality, death

For this grace to be gutted you set/

The dim future that we foretold

Is now our present, so we must be bold

And heal our mother, rather than kill

We’ll find the way if we find the will.