The Ride Through the Forest

Ochre sky and warming rays

Thawing into the dense haze

Stretched as far as eyes can see

Lies mesmerizing forestry

Bathed in sunlight, shielded faces

Scent of leaves the air traces

Swaying in the gypsy ride

Eyes darting from side to side

The cemented road, in some time

Melts into raw path of compact grime

Our voices hush as we explore

The abundance of nature galore

Trees extending up into the sky

With hives of bees scattered high

Nails of bears carved onto the trunks

Ripping the combs into syrupy chunks

Dappled light under the leafy awning

Sandy hills of termites spawning

Monkeys grooming as they gibber

Birds curled on twigs while they chipper

Foliage rustling by whistling wind

The trail we travelled slowly thinned

Rolling away from the verdure

Into a breath-taking moor

A savannah carpeted with grass

Strands with hue of faded brass

The wheaty threads cast on the lea

Dry, yet filled with life and felt so free

For miles across, their bewitching dance

Left me enchanted by nature’s trance.



I towered up, so tall and grand,

Stretching out many a wooden hand

I grew from the tiniest seed

A a sapling, from soil I was freed

Its funny to think, how things are now,

My aging trunk wonders how

I’m now a thing of such delight!

I’m in such an honourable plight!

I feel I’m tall enough to touch the sun

I peer down to each an everyone

The sunlight glares to all to make way

But I’m big enough to keep it astray

The wind whistles through my leaves

Wisha-wisha-wisha- all the trees!

Wisha-wisha-wisha- all the trees!

A pretty old poem I wrote  🙂





The wintery spring has glided away and the warm days of summer slowly march forward here in India. Yes! Summer has just started and started putting all sorts of pleasant summer thoughts in our mind. Shining stars, running around, welcoming the birds, and gorging on the yummy fruits of the warm season!
In a couple of weeks the markets will be in rage for all kinds of juicy luscious Indian mangoes, and so I wrote a kind of funny-ish poem about them- from the view point of the fruit itself!
So let’s welcome the narrative from Mr. Mango: ……

I am a little mango
fleshy and yellow
I am the most tasty
fruity little fellow.
I have a very big heart
that you see when eating me
Don’t thank me (or your tongue)
Thank the seed of the mango tree.
I may be quite tiny
But to taste buds I am kind
Of me there are many
All are easy to find.
If you’re sweet in your heart
To all people you meet
I’ll be yummy in your tongue
Either tangy or sweet.
I’m also strong because
When you peel of my skin
I don’t get at all hurt
Though it’s pretty thin.
Once peeling me is over
I very happily reveal
My yummy and pleasurable
Fruitful breakfast meal!
Then pass five minutes
Your mouth filled with joy
The juicy, fleshy layer of fruit
You shout out: “Oh Boy!”
You know the juice dribbles
Down upon your chin
But I am so delicious
That just isn’t a sin.
And when that done
All remains is the seed
I’ll then live your tummy
Having done a tasty deed.
But that little left seed
Can be planted with care great
And once more a tree will pop on up
For me to be in your breakfast plate!



Rain Pic

Was dry and hot just yesterday
And has been so for a week
After months of scorching play
The sound of rain we seek.
We crane our ears to hear
The Scotch mist from the sky
Hoping that it’s ever near
We request to the Heavens high.
It’s there- it’s coming-
And now it’s pouring down!
Like fast feet it’s running
‘It is the rain and the rain’s sound.
It rushes to Earth requesting thus:
“Oh earthworm and dear frog
Dance and croak your inner beauty
In the ripe grass and the bog”.
Of course comes the remark sure
To the green and flowered trees
Enjoy the nature’s mesmerizing lure
Stand calm as the clouds release.
As the water blocks the lawn
The small child comes with joy
Splashing the little paper boat
Taking sail goes the toy.
We stare through the window
As the rain patterns itself
Forming stories of happy and sad
Into time we delve.
It splashes against leaves, glass
And wooden trunk firmly stood.
Forming stunning rhythm
Better than the finest piano could.
The hundred to a single drop
On each blade of grass like dew
Shining like the sweetest diamond
To glimmer at day and night too.
All creatures wide and far
Await the water beauty: rain
To listen to the stormy drizzle-
The sound of it again and again.