Mystery Books


Bone-chilling, spine tingling

Quivering with apprehension

Words entwined with mystery

Expressing unfathomable tension.


That feeling when you open

A new mystery book to read

Is it crime? Is it horror?

Worth giving any heed?


Gingerly open the volume

Skip the prologue (don’t we all!)

Dive into the literary goodness

Into the story our mind does crawl.


The crime hasn’t even occurred

But your head’s buzzing with guesses

When will the culprit be announced?

Who’ll be the one who confesses?


As the story goes your heart

Stops when the spooks begin

The way author writes it

Makes you witness the scene within.


With crazy happenings popping

Clues and hints dropped to examine

All the characters, crimes and mysteries

Into your excited brain you start cramming.


When the books starts to end

You reading in frozen concentration

Does the mystery be solved

Led by the story’s intuition.


It’s that strange tingling feeling

When the mind registers the brilliance

Of how the plot has been unfolded

Making teeth grinded by millions.


These clandestine secret tales

So chilling, you end with a shudder

But as your soul yearns for more

You can’t wait to dive into another.


The Poem Of A Bookworm


I’m a bookworm, and indignant as well

When people rather nosily question

The point of loving books so much,

The cause of my obsession?

I used to answer, and explain to them

Why I long for those lovely stories; simple!

Yet, they must not understand,

For they recommend to me: A Kindle!

Oh yes, it has its good points, I’m sure

But I do hope you understand:

The difference between that and books

Are that of sea and land.

I’m tired of answering again and again

So I’ll jot it down in this poem

Why I love ‘em books so much

So that (no offence) you’d leave me alone.

Books, let me tell; each one is so unique!

They have that certain magic

It makes us feel we’re watching it all,

Be it happy or funny or tragic.

Oh, these memories, they really do

Seem to engrave themselves in our heart

How the characters and readers combine:

Makes us cherish each and every part.

We nod our heads with laughter

Or we sob and drop the tears

Or with delight and bated breath

As every part does so adheres.

They entwine themselves so,

Within our book-inspired dreams

We become a part of them!

Or it certainly seems!

I’d suggest, if you DON’T feel the same,

The open one; give it a try!

And experience it all yourself

As you laugh and giggle and cry.

Like if you can relate!

New Books

Hello! Sorry for posting late today. But here goes a little poem on new books, and how awesome it feels to buy them:
new book blog

“Papa, papa, let me buy
The books there in the shop!”
Exasperated, Papa replied
“All right, I know you can’t stop.”

“KA-CHING!” Says the machine
And two minutes after that
A lovely book is in my hand
Sitting brightly whitely fat.

Once I get home I don’t
Bother to change my clothes
But jump on to my bed
Opening the book closed.

Sniff! I smell the pages
The fragrance of lovely books
“Read me!” The book cries to me
With a booky-booky look.

As I start reading, oh the joy!
The words splashing on my mind
Like waves against a sandy beach.
Words to book are destined.

I forget my dinner and my lunch
I forget everything that I once knew
For my eyes to the long pages
Are stuck to them like glue.

The book may not have pictures
But I see them in my brain
Me going down in the author’s
Worded memory lane.

Lost in a world of dream
The words wrap like a vine!
Upon the jewelled sentences
I feed upon and dine.

And when the clock ticks
And I reach the very end
It’s like the Gods of the world
Blessings to me did send.

That’s it! I hoped you liked it. I wrote another poem which I will post tomorrow. Byeee!

Reading Books


Reading Books

Hello friends!
Today’s poem is a little cheesy. Yep, I admit it! It doesn’t have much of a deep meaning. Not too much to read between the lines. I wrote this one for an assembly at class, and our topic was ‘Reading Books.’ So it is a little more of a “Read it and liked it” kind of poem more than the usual “Read it and still thinking about it.” My classmates kind of loved it though!
It isn’t too bad though. Here hoes….

When you want lasting joy
You don’t need a children’s toy
The thing for which you need to look
Is just a simple story book
And when you start, Oh My, Oh My,
Books shall definitely satisfy!
Dissolving into world of dreams
As you read your smile beams
Books on shelves line by line
All of them are simply divine!
In castles kings and queens do dwell
Pirates hunt for treasure as well
Weird splotches of fuzzy blue light
Stars gleaming in the deep blue night.
JK Rowling’s wizardry
Roald Dahl’s fascinating fantasy
Famous cookbooks for the kitchens
Grasping stories by Mr Dickens
Blyton tales better than one could
Geronimo Stiltion as good as good!
In Jane Austen’s tales we are lost
Enrapturing verses by Robert Frost.
Reading ignites inside us a fire
Books fill our hearts desire.