Students During Exam Time

Complaining about exams has
become a recurring theme.
Honestly, it’s not as big a deal
As kids sometimes make it seem.

“Easy for you to say!”
the senior students scoff
“Seventh graders have it easy-
You have nothing to complain of!”

Here’s the thing about exams:
They merely test our memory
Not much goes into our heads
When it’s all crammed in a hurry.

There’s that one poor bloke
Who toils through the pain
Receives the fruits of labour
In form of topping once again.

They leave the class aghast
In lieu of getting applauded
The jealous ones cry “Betrayer!”
In envious tones quite morbid.

But the most infuriating
Is the one who exlaims
They never bothered to study
Yet, the most marks they gain.

There’s the confusing lot
Who really couldn’t care less
sleeping through the school year
Exams? A load of pointless stress.

And when the hellish days cease
The kids all jump for ages
Until the scores return to haunt us
We all turn into praying sages.

Whatever the grade turns out to be
We vow to next time excel
But the cycle always repeats
Shall be the same next year as well.


Middle School Drama

To most school going children

Their lives are just the worst

Adults just have it so easy

While their lives are simply cursed!

No doubt a silly notion

But it’s true that its hard

We’re little bombs of indignation

So you’d best be on your guard.

What with lessons and exams

And that pressure to exceed-

Not to give ourselves satisfaction

But to make others pay us heed

There’s just too much competition

For the most trivial of matters

Our ‘reputation’ hanging on the line

We can’t possibly let it shatter.

There’s the middle school drama

From which we must try escape

What joy they get from spreading rumours

I haven’t understood till date.

The group forming is astounding

Kids gathering round in cliques

Eyeing others with such hatred

And other such antics.

Some teachers are odd creatures.

They have their own notions.

Our noses rubbed to the grindstone

There’s quite some unexpressed emotion.

A few good ones in the lot, sure

But it’s second nature to suspect them all

To the kids who insist despising

Each one they pass in the hall

School life can be a pain truly

The slogging makes me less than pleased

But some of the best moments reside here

I’ll smile back at these very memories.

Friends :)


Friends :)

Hello, my dear viewers! I am sorry for the long absence. The laptop was just not working! But now I am here to hopefully please you with my poems and posts.
You see, I have an older sister who is now going off to college. She once asked me to write a poem to express her love to her old friends from school. She, Leena, really loved her friends and cared for them, that anyone could see. So I agreed to write a poem and I thought about how I myself would feel if I had to be separated from my dear friends, and this is what came to my mind.
It will be days few
And I’ll scoot out of school.
I’d nose around for future
And work and dream and drool.
But I know, that I’ll be empty
In a little part of me
For I will miss you people
I know that you can see.
I’ll miss the school-y days
And the books and pens
But what I’ll miss most of all
Is my group of friends.
With whom I have laughed
Cried, played and fought
Aha, my group of friends
I will forget naught.
I’ll laugh when I think
Of the funny school days
And I’ll cry too
As I remember our craze.
Friends, even if
I’m in a different place
I’m hugging you forever:
Friendship is the trace.