Procrastination- Exam Problems


If you’re anything like me,

You might be facing a quandary

You’re someone who enjoys school

But exams merely induce worry.


Like me, however much you adore

And appreciate all education

When it comes to swotting it all-

You’re forced into frustration.


So any time I sit to study

I’ll concentrate with all my heart…

Hah! What a terrible joke-

I’ll hardly ever care to start.


I’ll procrastinate for all I care

Without truly intending to

But you never know you see,

When something distracts you.


Suddenly the most trivial of things

Seem a major issue to fix-

Whether it’s a picture frame gone wonky

Or unarranged paper grips.


It may be in the form of hunger-

Where rather than learning sums

You find the need to feast upon

A plate of tea and cocoa buns.


And all this seems fun and good

But you know it’s all in vain

Whatever you do to avoid it-

You can’t postpone the pain.


It might be twelve at midnight

When the sky is dim and dark

You get amply tensed to study

And you’ll regret it when you start.


So when you sit the test all groggy

You’ll vow to never procrastinate

But it’s really the student life

You’ll probably make the same mistake. 😀