A Dip By The Beach

Barefoot in the warm sand

Letting a toe into the sea

My wary self descends gently

Submerged in water, I am free.

My feet find the soft sand

The cones tickles my chin

I waddle gently across the ocean

Cool waves rippling against my skin.

A tender roar I hear far-off

My eyes meet the sight

Foamy, frothy, curly white waves

Whoosh unto themselves with might.

While lycra sticks to my body

It approaches, backwards it impels

In a matter of seconds, it dissipates

into sand, leaves behind sea shells.

Unwound, surrounded by nature

Relaxed, enveloped in peace

Savouring every timid second

Of the dip I took by the beach.

~inspired by Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand 😀


Dear Swimming Diary

Dear Swimming Diary,
It is Tapasmi here today. I started learning to swim about last week. Success is DEFINITELY not on my favour recently.
What a surprise. 😯 It took me three entire days to glide. Now I am a pro at it. But then, everybody is. But either ways, I am happy that I have learnt to glide, it puts confidence in me, urging me to do better. 😀 You see, I HAVE learnt swimming. It took me a week to do so. But compared to around half the other people in the pool, it feels as though I am a mere creature attempting to move their arms and legs in a way which looked remarkably close to swimming. But we shall leave talking about my absolute professional swimming skills for later down, and discuss a little on how I learnt to glide.

I was tremendously excited to jump in the pool on my very first day. I was confident and happy. I feel really home at water. But how was I to know that I was going to be soaring about a poolful of chlorine water. But still.
I first began to do some mere warm-ups such as breathing exercises as I was instructed to do by my parents. So I plugged my nose, gulped a mouthful of air and swooped my head down below. It was quite a wonder I was able to do it for even 2 seconds. But still.

I soon did adjust and did a few proper splashes, staying in for about ten long seconds in a row. But back to gliding.
My hands were fine. My legs were fine. (Were supposed to do pretty much nothing with them exept keep our hands in a fish-like position). But my head wasn’t. My father told me I just had to keep my head down and lie flat, but it was tremendously difficult for me.

So around three days flew by, me trying to float gracefully in the water. But at the end of my fourth class, I felt a sudden rush of a feeling. I could do it. I could glide. I was getting impatient that I was not succeeding. In angry determination I finally dipped my head with force, kept my toes pointed and launched forward, expecting to see me gaping up for air.
But I did not. I was finally feeling successful, and zoomed in all directions, encouraged by dad until the day ended.

From than I felt so happy I made a kind of song in my mind.

On my first day
I thought there was no way
That I could, really in water
Glide and sway.
But how was I to know
That I would be able to show
That I finally learned
To glide with a glow.
Now my greatest fun is to float
Yes, of course I will HAVE to gloat
But I know I have the right to be excited
That I could glide like a boat.
But higher aspirations on me pile
For I have to swim in the same cheerful style!

Yes! I still remember how especially grumpy bored (yet amazingly cool! :P) me was so extra jolly. Hey, that rhymes!

I remember grumpy, bored me
Being especially jolly…

But anyways, I would like to put my next succesion in swimming sometime soon.

Love, Tapasmi
To Dear Swimming Diary.