Riddle 1:
Mary’s father has 5 daughters: 4 of them are Jilly, Milly, Tilly and Willy. Who is the fifth daughter?

Ans: MARY !!

Riddle 2:
There are two brothers. The younger brother’s age is 1. The older brother is double the age of the younger brother. When the older one is 100 years old, how old is the younger one?
Ans: 99. Most people say fifty, but if you do the math right (which is very easy) you’ll get the correct answer !!

Riddle 3:
In a boat, there are three boatmen.Suddenly, a wave comes and topples the boat over. They all are safe, but all of the boatmen’s hair is dripping wet, except one. How?

Ans: That boatman was bald !!

Riddle 4:
(This one is common and easy) What is a big as an elephant, sometimes bigger, yet weighs nothing at all. What is it?

Ans: The elephants shadow !!

Riddle 5:
What is almost as light as air, yet a thousand men cannot lift it. What is it?
Ans: A bubble !!

0-1 – You are caught by the riddle monster. Do better next time.
2-3 – A close call! The monster nearly caught you, but still, good job!
4-5 – Amazing! You are victorious! You have escaped the Riddle Monster amazingly!!


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