Divergent: Fanfictions On WattPad

If you’re someone who’s stumbled on my blog and also happens to be a fan of the Divergent Trilogy, a series by Veronica Roth, then well…I’m pretty amazed. The odds of you being both of these are pretty slim. But if you do happen to be, then there’s a story I’ve been working on recently, and it’s based on those books.


My first shot at one, too. A lot of my friends seem to be getting into, and so I decided I would too. Join Al, the Candor transfer we all know on his journey. We’ve all grown to love Tris’ adventures, so my fanfiction is about Albert’s point of view from the very beginning. No spoilers for my story now- head over to my fanfiction for it, (just click the link) if you want to read it.

Warning: Major spoilers for the Divergent series! I advise you not to read it if you aren’t familiar with the original series. Not only will you be a bit lost, but I thoroughly suggest for you to give the books a try. I love them!

A good friend of mine is also writing one; about how Tobias gets his revenge on David for (SPOILER ALERT! CLOSE YOUR EYES IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOKS) killing Tris. It’s awesome and very well written so give her’s a try as well! click here to read it.

I’ll be back with a regular post very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I’m working on this fanfiction alongside, so give it a view if you fancy it and let me know you came from here! lol

Much love,

Tapasmi <4


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