Friendship- My Friend

An amazing friend of mine is she
She is my life, my eternity
She is the very support of my soul
Always she fills my saddening hole
Only for her God to us sends
Our dearest people, family and friends
She does not exist though she does in a way
All our worries she sends to bay
She is our very importand need
To us she is vital indeed
Without her our minds shall be lost
Our happy memories shall be covered with frost
But we shant have those moments if she isnt there even at first,
She works so hard for us, you’d really think she’d burst
Our friends and family, our love and dear,
Would not be with you if she was not here
Our happiness depends on her, she brings our true companions
The shelter she gives us, even beats the shelter of the banyans
She is not a celebriity, yet she owns fame
Now I shall tell you- Friendship is her name.


9 thoughts on “Friendship- My Friend

  1. very deep thinking at the age of 9! I feel the same at the age of 40! Friendship is a precious relationship! none of us can live alone! Mom, Dad , Teacher whatever be the relationship whatever be the age whoever has time to listen can be our friend—- Thanx for this thoughtful post! post more plz!

    • Thanks. Friendship is a strong bond between all of us, it does not matter about age.Friendship is what brings together happiness and love. Our friends and family are always there with us in our hearts. It is funny, that fighting with friends also strengthens our relationship, for then we can know our feelings better. I feel this amazing bond with my friends and family and thank friendship’s blessing to bring us together.

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