Limerick World

Hello! Here is a collection of limericks I made myself. Hope this smacks on that old grin!

There were once carrots two,
Both boiling in a red- hot stew
Said one: My tail’s cooked red
And soon will cook my head
And went the carrot in the stew.

There was a little pink pig
Who was munching away on a twig
Said he: I’m quite fat!
I’ll quick need a hat!
But he ended up with a little wig.

My old friend Malvika
Was fond of aloo tikka
But she was a girl nice
And with health she did suffice
What a nice girl was Malvika.

Meghna, from D.P.S.
Once wore a pretty dress
Her hair was tight in plait
But I fear to say that
Her hair looked sweeter in a mess.

Rosie’s tummy was upset
To be happy it had to get
Some healthier goodies
And not oily foodies
So to be happy it let.

An elf with moustache to big
Asked for a big fat twig
And so using that
He pulled out the moustache flat
And then he did a little jig.


9 thoughts on “Limerick World

  1. HA! HA! HA! They are very funny. Even funnier than you! πŸ˜› Never stop writing your stuff. Remember someone is waiting to read them. Shreya, comment on my blog to! πŸ˜›

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