Hello friends! Here is a little poem on saving animals. We have another tiny class show coming up and our topic was “Care for Animals!” So I wrote a short poem which we are going to say along with a skit and a few more peppy activities. So here it is:


Oh this Earth so green and blue

Is a blessing God has sent you

Every single living creature

Given existence by Mother Nature .

Every movement is life’s gush

From an alligator to the thrush

We hope that with our little show

You’ll understand how animals come and go.

Before animals and humans together were great

But now, animals die in every state

Before, our friendship was instilled

Now animals are constantly killed!

So friends, let’s take a step today

To stop animals from dying away.



8 thoughts on “SAVE ANIMALS

  1. you seem to be a great animal fan! i am flabbergasted that you can write such awesome poems! i wonder where your burst of creativity comes from???

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