Hello! I got bored, so I wrote another poem. Except this one is not that good. But I hope it puts a smile on your face anyways. Here goes….
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Goodbye, icy clinging frost
Farewell, mounds of snow.
Sorry, your turn is over,
I’m afraid you have to go.
You gave us a chance, yes
To stay in bed for longer
To have cups of yum hot cocoa
And hot soups to make us stronger.
Sorry winter, you were real good
You were nice as nice could be!
But somebody taken your place
Summer’s come, you see.
We loved the chilly winds
And the times so refreshingly cool
But the sun has now come up
Time to jump into the pool.
The newest sunshades on our eyes
And sunscreens and the beach
The meaning of chillin’ and fun
Summer has come to teach!
Time to be tickled on the grass
And drink the thrilling Icee
And tan ourselves on the sand
We don’t care if it seems dicey!
Stars will shine and twinkle
And the birds will chirp on the nest
New tiny baby birdy chicks
Will chirp as we in the warmth rest.
Oh, the possibilities of fun
Are limitless and infinite!
Oh, the summer’s here for me
The flowers smiling bright.
Trees and shrubs become greener
The bushes grow further lush
We hear the cries of woodpecker
And the darling baby thrush.
Flowers swing and cows moo
The cuckoos cluck and sheep cry
Ducks quack and roosters crow
Summer festivals rush by.
Sorry winter, sorry again
But I’ll see you in months ten
But while I’m waiting for you,
I’ll live in summer’s awesome den.


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